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How Online Behavior Paves the Way for Cyber Attacks!
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How Online Behavior Paves the Way for Cyber Attacks!

Internet usage has grown exponentially over the years, there’s no escape from it. We use Internet and connected gadgets for doing almost all our work. But in the process, we don’t realize how online behavior is paving way for cyber-attacks.

There were times when people had separate online and offline life. That is no longer the case since both the worlds are now one. All thanks to tracking technologies and cyber-attacks, that a sudden increase in number of people who suffer real life consequences due to their online activities.

According to a research it is predicted that by coming year number of connected devices will be greater than world’s population. Meaning more connected devices more targets and more attacks.

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How Are We At Risk?

With the increasing number of online user’s, hackers have become proactive and don’t miss a chance to collect user data. Approx. 40% of millennials have already witnessed cybercrime, the reason behind it is their online behavior. Most of them are too young to understand secure and insecure sites. Plus, public Wi-Fi’s offer a helping hand to hackers as it is easily accessible and collecting data transferred when connected to it is easy. People while using public Wi-Fi access all sorts of sites including their banking sites without even thinking that their data is captured by a hacker.

Cherry on the cake is that there is still a percentage of people that are unable to identify a phishing attack and fall for it. This all plus social networking sites are helping hackers, stalker, cyber criminals to access your data with an ease. The more we post about our lives more we are at risk, as one can know our location, can use our images to fake something and can use our data for their personal benefit.

Even more people have a habit of sharing their passwords and using default passwords making it obvious for the hacker to detect and use it to get access to your personal and financial account.

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How to Stay Protected

If we become a bit cautious about our online activities this all can be taken care of. All what is required is to keep a check on online usage and make it a habit to keep things in control.

Avoid Using Simple Passwords: Always use strong and complex passwords to protect your account. You should create a password that is a combination of at least 10 upper and lower-case letters, symbols, special characters and number. This will help to keep attackers away and makes it difficult for them to crack and even guess it. Plus, change your password every 2-3 months and avoid using same password for multiple accounts. This way even if a criminal gets their hands on to your password they won’t be able to use the account as by the time they use the password you would have changed it.

Don’t Fall for Promising Mails: Avoid opening mails that look more real than even the real mails. Any mail that looks suspicious or has an attachment that you have not asked for, don’t open it. Plus, don’t open mails from unsolicited senders and one that have exe files as attachment. As this is the common way cyber criminals adopt to get access to your password and compromise your account.

Don’t Use Default Password: When setting up router or Wi-Fi at your home don’t use the default password. Always change it to something that is hard to crack and don’t use your name, date of birth, your pet’s name or parents name to create a password. Plus, protect your Wi-Fi with strong encryption to disable remote access.

Control Your Online Activity: Always access trusted site and sites that have https. Running a security software that has all the basic feature and that detects a malicious URL should be used.

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If you make a habit to keep things in check and follow the precaution you can be safe. However, there is no guarantee that you won’t be attacked but these steps will add an additional layer of security. What you need is to incorporate these habits in your daily life and don’t let others take control of what you are doing. By being attentive you can stay secure and be on a safer side.

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