Get To Know Top Cybersecurity Trends In 2018

Get To Know Top Cybersecurity Trends In 2018

Living in 2018, we’ve all heard the word Cybersecurity, but do we actually know what cybersecurity is and what it does?

Well contrary to popular belief, many of you might not be aware of what exactly cybersecurity means and why is it used.

Cybersecurity is the measure that protects your system, data and networks from getting attacked digitally. It stops cyber terrorism, cyber espionage and cyber warfare by using various practices. This is important because these types of attacks target at accessing, transforming and manipulating of sensitive data. Also, attackers go for money extortion and interrupted nuisances. And like what most people think, it is not just limited to getting an anti-malware program.

Every year, by the profound analysts and research team, cybersecurity trends are revealed. These emerging cybersecurity trends help organizations in taking necessary measures for the upcoming jeopardy. Like every year, this year also, some of the cybersecurity trends came into highlight, for helping organizations and agencies.

So, today, in this article, we will be talking about some of the cybersecurity trends to look out for in 2018 and what are the emerging trends in cybersecurity in 2018, so that you get all prepared for what’s coming your way.

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Let’s Begin!

Level Up Cybersecurity With Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

At some point, AI and Machine Learning (ML) will eliminate the need of human labor. As AI and ML is being used massively from past 5 years by great organizations such as Facebook, Google and many more to predict outcomes based on previous behavior. And, not only in web, AI and ML is being used in creating machines with human learning skills. So that, robots will do what human labor used to.

This is definitely going to impact employment at some level, but why work, when your robot can.

AI & ML can bring great changes in cybersecurity, as they will already predict what’s coming and will take necessary automated decisions to protect your data from any cyberattacks. This cybersecurity trend should definitely be used in all upcoming cybersecurity tools, so that data can be prevented from further attacks.

Companies v/s GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is one of the emerging trend in cybersecurity. Recently, earlier this year, European Union has changes the rules and regulations, which are to be followed by every organization who has access to user data in any manner. This is done to make user data more secure by updating the policies and security protocols.

However, many organization are failing to implement policies and regulations. And, for this failure, there are several reasons. But, the major reason for this are the rules set up by EU. Under these GDPR rules, every individual has:

  • Right To Access
  • Right To Be Forgotten
  • Right To Data Portability
  • Right To Be Informed
  • Right To Have Information Corrected
  • Right To Restrict Processing
  • Right To Object
  • Right To Be Notified

Well, some of the companies aren’t willing to agree on these rules, and in return they shall be banned for future operation. Data is everything a user has, and not securing and having access to users own data is kind of a forgery. And, companies who are failing to do so also have to pay penalty, which is 4% of annual global revenue. So, it’s better for every organization to implement these new GDPR policies and should take more advanced cybersecurity measures to protect user data.

Attacks on Blockchain Based Systems

Blockchain is the latest emerging trend, which is transparent, secure and authentic. But, Blockchain Too isn’t that safe.

Yes, there has been many cases of Blockchain based system hacks. And, when we say many, we can easily conclude that Blockchain systems are the new target for attackers, why?

It is because, they can get more money, more confidential data and of course more control of things, which we might have not even imagined.
Cyber-attacks have always somehow convinced & influence user to give their own data. However, the topic of concern is, what measures or practices does these Blockchain based systems are taking. Some of them claim to be most secure of all, but a single small loophole can get whole system blocked. It’s better for organizations to prepare themselves this year for potential risks and to take preventive measures to save themselves from being hacked.

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This is it guys! These are some of the emerging cybersecurity trends and cyber security research topics to put your attention to. Make sure, if you work for an organization or run an organization, you follow all the above given practices and take necessary actions with the use of evolving technology. Keep following the emerging trends in cyber security in 2018 to stay updated and secure.

If you found this helpful, please let us know. You can also drop your feedback in the comment section below.

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