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What Is The Difference Between Muting And Archiving?
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What Is The Difference Between Muting And Archiving?

Do you have a messy inbox, which makes it difficult for you to find the important emails? If your answer is yes then it means that you are still not using the two top features of Gmail, i.e. muting and archiving of conversations. These two features help to keep the less important email away from your inbox resulting in making your inbox well arranged. Apart from this finding of emails would be easy as compared earlier using these two features.
Many users may have a question that if both the features help to keep the less important emails out from the inbox, then what is the difference between them. In this article, we will explain that how these features are different from each other.

Where lies the difference?

If any of you guys feels that both muting and archiving an email is similar, then let me clear that both are different approaches. The biggest difference between both is that the muted conversation is permanently archived. It means that when you archive any conversation, then that email will remain out of inbox only till someone do not reply to it. In case if anyone replies to that muted conversation this will again come back to your inbox.
However, this will not happen in case you have muted the conversation. However, it doesn’t mean that muted conversation will never fall in your inbox again. It will if a new message in the conversation is directly addressed to you and no one else then muted conversation will also come back into the inbox.
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Are my muted and archive emails stored at the same location?

So, another important question, if the functionality of both the features are different then does it mean that both the conversations are stored at the different location. The answer is NO; you can find both muted and archive conversations in All Mail folder. The muted conversation can be located with a label Muted, while the conversations, which do not contain any label are the archived conversation.
Hope this article helps you to understand the basic difference between muting and archiving a conversation.

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