10 Best Apple Watch Chargers and Docks 2023

10 Best Apple Watch Chargers and Docks 2023

Looking for the best Apple Watch chargers? Wouldn’t you want it to be cost-effective,  charge your device fast, be wireless and have touch charge? Well, to end the quest and find the best Apple Watch charger with all the above-mentioned qualities, we have researched and gathered this info for you below.

Though there are too many Apple Watch charger options to meet users’ requirements, to find the best ones is not an easy task.

Apple Watch Charger
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We have narrowed down the 10 best Apple Watch chargers for you to make it convenient and decisive. You can go through all they have to offer and choose the best one that suits your needs.

Let’s go through the Apple Watch chargers and Docks to decide which one you want to go for:

  1. Press Play ONE Power Station Dock
  2. YoFeW Apple Watch Charger
  3. Apple Watch Stand S330
  4. Grovemade Apple Watch Dock
  5. Mercase Apple Watch Stand
  6. Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock
  7. Twelve South TimePorter
  8. Ugreen Wireless Portable Charger
  9. UGREEN Foldable Wireless Magnetic Apple Watch Charger
  10. Griffin Travel Power Bank

Best Apple Watch Chargers and Docks 2023

1. Press Play ONE Power Station Dock

 Clearly one of the best and one-for-all Apple Watch chargers, Press Play ONE Power Station Dock is a stand and built-in lightning connector charger. If you have got an iPhone, an Apple Watch and planning to buy a Bluetooth speaker, go for it. Because Press Play is giving out a free speaker with every purchase. So don’t miss out on that.

Image Source: gearhungry

 The Apple Watch charger is going to help you charge your Apple Watch as well as your iPhone’s battery. This easy to use power station dock is compatible with series 1 to series 5.

This dock charger can be bought on Amazon.

Say goodbye to the wired charger, and get the dock station charger as it offers the perfect cord management solution.

2. YoFeW Apple Watch Charger

A 4-in-1 changer with wide compatibility, YoFeW Apple Watch Charger is also good charger you should have. If you are looking for value for the money spent to get one of the great ones, go for it. This Apple Watch charger serves as an Apple Watch dock, an AirPods stand, and an iPhone holder as well. Furthermore, it supports the nightstand mode as well.

YoFeW Apple Watch Charger
Image source: wish.com

Please know that it will be convenient for you to charge your Apple Watch, iPhone, and AirPods at the same time in one place. A good and elegant aluminum Apple Watch charging stand will perfectly decorate your nightstand, bedroom, or hall.

Note: Apple Watch magnetic charging cable is NOT INCLUDED.

You can go ahead and purchase the YoFew Apple Watch charger here.

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3. Spigen Apple Watch Stand S330

With its minimalistic design, Spigen Apple Watch Stand S330 charging dock is available at an affordable price, therefore made it to the top 3. The Spigen Apple Watch Stand S330 supports any Apple Watch model and also combines aluminum & TPU to support and protect the watch surface.

Spigen Apple Watch Stand

The charger combines attractive aluminum and rubberized TPU to produce a minimal Apple Watch charging stand. With 2 years warranty, the charger requires your own Apple Magnetic charging cable, and no other assembly is needed aside from inserting the charging cable.

You can go ahead and visit the page the get this Apple Watch charger on your door.

4. Grovemade Apple Watch Dock

At first, you may think of it as a drink coaster, but this is by far one of my favorite Apple Watch chargers. Grovemade Apple Watch Dock is a hockey-puck-shaped charging dock with its stainless steel base and machined cork top. Now you might be wondering how does it charge your Apple Watch.

Grovemade Apple Watch Dock
Image Source: iLounge

The dock does the job with soft cork to rest your watch on and a weighted base that stays put. This charger has been built with the mentality of “Tech that doesn’t look like tech”.

The Lead Product Designer Sean Kelly says, “It’s a dock that gets the job done and looks good doing it—no need to compromise.”

If you want to go ahead and buy this amazing Apple Watch charger, visit this page.

5. Mercase Apple Watch Stand

A cost-effective, small, portable, and stylish Apple Watch charger, Mercase Apple Watch Stand is partially clad in aluminum. That gives it a more premium finishing than even some pricier docks. This charging dock has the capacity to charge both your Apple Watch and iPhone at the same time.

Mercase Apple Watch Stand
Image Source: FiveShoutsOut

There are some reports where it’s been stated to not use this dock for heavy bands Apple Watch so be a bit aware of your Apple Watch has a heavy band. Normally, if you charge the iPhone at the same time so in that way, the bands of Apple Watch won’t be a concern anymore.

You can buy this pocket-friendly and stylist charging dock here.

6. Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock

Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock is an elegant and stylish charger that you would want to have the moment you see it. This dock comes a bit costly, and it comes in white color only, however, it’s worth to buy this charger.

Magnetic Charging Dock
Image Source: 9to5toys

Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock charges Apple Watch flat as well as from the sides also. The only downside of this dock is that it’s too expensive but if you are someone who only uses Apple products, then this is probably the best option to go for.

7. Twelve South TimePorter

Twelve South TimePorter is undoubtedly the best Apple Watch charger while traveling. This is the best option for businessmen or digital nomads who travel a lot. This charger comes with an on-the-go charging feature along with a compact travel case.

Twelve South TimePorter

The Twelve South TimePorter also has a magnetic charging disk and multi-angle stand which makes it more convenient to use. The charger has been designed in a way that you can strap the watch around the case on the outside and use it while it’s charging.

8. Ugreen Wireless Portable Charger

Ugreen Wireless Portable Charger is a cable-free tool to charge Apple Watch and it’s easy to use. This charger goes directly into your wall or a power bank without the hassle of cables. It is another travel accessory and no more untangling your charging wires.

Ugreen Wireless Portable Charger
Image Source: Ugreen

One more great feature which everyone wants is that the charger must be speedier. Usually, 3rd party chargers take longer than the native charger to fully charge a device, however, this charger promises to match the original 2-hour charge time of the original Apple Watch charger.

9. UGREEN Foldable Wireless Magnetic Apple Watch Charger

Yeah, you read it right. A foldable wireless magnetic Apple Watch charger is another convenient and stylish option to opt for, to charge your Apple Watch. This charger is not only about the style but also charges the Apple Watch faster with quality time.

UGREEN Foldable Wireless Magnetic Apple Watch Charger 

The foldable charger can be adjusted anywhere between 0 and 45 degrees and will be able to safely dock your Apple Watch on your nightstand. When it comes to charging your Apple Watch from empty, this charger takes about 2.5 hours, which is almost as fast as other Apple brand products.

10. Griffin Travel Power Bank

As the name suggests, Griffin Travel Power Bank is also one of the best Apple Watch chargers that comes a bit costly. Alike Twelve South TimePorter, this charger has also been designed especially for travelers or businessmen in mind.

Griffin Travel Power Bank
Image Source: phoneia

The final choice on our list is also a powerful one as it comes with a 1050 mAh rechargeable battery that provides up to 2.5 full charges for an Apple Watch. The Travel Power Bank can easily slip into a bag, backpack or briefcase. You can also attach or clip it to a hook or carabiner, as a keyring is also provided with the power bank.

Wrapping Up

These are the options to select from if you are looking for Apple Watch Chargers, however, we have listed here the top 10 for you keeping all the aspects in mind. These chargers come with all essential features, including fast charging, stylish and elegant, pocket-friendly, and wireless as well. You can go ahead and choose the one you think is the most suitable for you.

Share with us if you are using an Apple Watch charger that isn’t on the list and works amazing and we will share the same with our readers.

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