Keep your kids safe from online world

Keep your kids safe from online world

Children these days spend most of their time online visiting some social media websites, downloading some content, and playing games. However, parents cannot be 100% sure if they are on a right track or not until and unless they take steps to know what their children are doing.

Internet is a vast world with different threats lurking in every corner. From malware threats to predators your kids can encounter any of the threats.

Necessary steps should be taken in order to protect your kids from online threats.

Many parents ignore certain warnings that their kids show. They are often of the thought that it’s normal behavior, however, that’s not the case every time. They do not know that their kids can be in serious problem.

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Risks from Online World:

There are more risks than you can imagine in online world. Whole range of criminals are using Internet, we do not know which we will came across.

We have listed some of the threats that our children can come across:

Malware and Other Security Risks:

When browsing Internet, kids often download and share files, without knowing that they can be infected. When they download and share the infected file, the malware and other malicious programs will get transferred to the system.


Trend of social media and other information website is increasing rapidly. With this trend, increase of bullying incidents also increase. Your kid can become bully or they can be a victim.

Signs using which you can determine that your kid is a victim to cyber bullying:

  1. Sudden behavioral changes
  2. Anxiety
  3. Depression
  4. Anger
  5. Fear
  6. Shame
  7. Frustration
  8. Mental breakdown

These are some common signs seeing which you can determine whether you kid is being bullied or not.

Pornography and Other Illegal Activities:

Internet world is full of Pornography and other illegal activities. It is 100% certain that your kids will encounter it sometime or the other when they get their hands-on Internet.

In all possibility, before the age of 18 they will encounter Pornography and other illegal activities as there is no means to verify age over the Internet. They can even start exchanging explicit videos and messages and even interchange their intimate pictures.

Another problem that arises is that, anyone can buy drugs online easily. Kids across the globe can even learn how to use the drugs and with the contacts on social they can easily procure them as well.

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Criminal Offender:

Kids also have chances to get in touch with criminals. Criminals can lure kids into their world and mislead them in getting involved in wrong activities.

Predators create fake profiles to trick kids. They convince kids to meet them in person. This can be a serious risk as you do not know what kind of person you are meeting with.

How to Protect Your Kids?

  1. Keep their Internet activity monitored.
  2. Use porn blocking extensions like Porn Block Plus (for Mac and iPhone).
  3. Keep data usage limited and tracked.
  4. Create software usage rules and guideline.
  5. Keep good security software installed.
  6. Time the usage of the device for the kids.
  7. Don’t be hard on them as they will hide certain things from you, instead talk to them as a friend and they will let you know everything.

Online world consists of many things which may be good or bad according to the content you are browsing. Parents should keep check on the Internet usage to keep their kids safe online. We all know that Internet is not a safe place and to keep our children safe should be our main priority.

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