How to Secure Your Mac OS and Get Rid of the Latest Trojan

How to Secure Your Mac OS and Get Rid of the Latest Trojan

An anti-virus software for Mac machines isn’t something unusual. Until few years back users didn’t even think they would require one. But with time things are changing Mac OS is no longer flying low under the radar, it is now being compromised.  Cyber criminals are designing malicious software targeting Mac machines.

The recent Mac attacks proves the same. We have been hearing a lot about them in different forms like trojan horse attack, ransomware or malware attack.

Trojan horse is different than worms and viruses. It is much more dangerous and is capable of infecting number of machines in a go. The latest attack was designed to trick users into buying a fake anti-virus that contained infectious code. Once user installs the software malware gets into the system, opens various pornographic sites and pop up messages asks user to upgrade the software.

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Once the user tries to upgrade the product by entering the card details these are shared with the hacker, who then uses it to for their own good.

Removing trojan using a program

It isn’t easy to remove the trojan but neither it is impossible. A good anti-malware product helps you detect and get rid of such infections. As it will be able to detect it and delete it.

If you are interested in using a program to do all the work for you, then you can try downloading Intego Antivirus. Simply, click the button provided below!

Here’s the list of functionalities offered by Intego Antivirus:

  • A VirusBarrier that provides real-time protection and removes potential malware traces.

Intego Antivirus

  • A NetBarrier, which acts as an advanced firewall that automatically alters the security settings based on the detected network.

Net Barrier - Intego

  • A ContentBarrier module, which is equipped with features like Keystroke tracking, screenshot recording, app blocking, and so on.

Content Barrier _ Intego

  • A Washing Machine, that brings a perfect blend of Mac Cleaning & Optimization utilities to speed up overall speed and performance. It even includes tools for reclaiming unnecessary occupied storage space, removing duplicate files, and organizing Mac for better productivity.

Intego Washing machine

  • A Personal Backups, as the name entails, allows you to backup important files/folders. It works similar to Apple’s Time Machine, but certainly in a more personalized manner.

Personal backup

  • A NetUpdate application, that helps users to update and replace other applications installed on your Mac.

You can also watch the video attached below to know more about Intego Antivirus for Mac:

Deleting it manually

Not only you can use a program you can also remove it manually. To do so follow the steps below:

  • Launch activity monitor and search for product names like Mac security, Mac defender or similar.
  • Choose the program and click “quit process” or select “force-quit”.
  • Next, proceed to the download/application folder and look for the installer file. Delete it and empty the trash.
  • Now head to Account and select system preferences. Remove all instances of the program you just killed the process for from the Login items as well.

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Ways to keep Mac secure

  • Don’t not run an auto installer while installing a program. You may find many programs that downloads automatically when you are online. Cancel the process if program tries to install itself. Always install the program manually so that you can read the terms and conditions and know the product. This step will help to protect not only your Mac but Windows machine also.
  • Always run a good and up to date anti-malware program on your machine. There are many available in the market but look for ones who gives all round protection.

In my previous article I have mentioned important function of an anti-malware product that you should look for. To know more about it click here.

These steps will surely help you to stay safe from trojan attacks. As it is not easy to detect these nasty codes we must be very cautious with our online activities. Internet is beneficial in various ways but there is other side to it that we should never forget. The only way to stay safe is by knowing what you are doing and what can it lead to.

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