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youtube-blocks-ads-from-channels-with-fewer-than-10 k views
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YouTube blocks ads from channels with fewer than 10,000 views

Did you hear about it? YouTube is taking serious actions to warrant that the user generated data does not result in any unsavory or questionable content because of the ads displayed by big companies and their brands.
Per some reports, it is evident that a lot many renowned advertisers have revoked their ads from the companies and that their contracts too, have been suspended temporarily. As a corrective measure, YouTube has now set a limit on the video ads being displayed by channels.
Yes, that’s right! YouTube has announced that it will not allow ads to be displayed on channels across all the displayed videos whose total views doesn’t end up to a total of 10000 views or have a lesser number than this.
In a talk with the Wall Street Journal, the company said that it has been developing a tool since November to withstand channels who plagiarize content from other channels in order to make up revenues.
Getting a channel and displaying ads on Google is a cakewalk nowadays. All that’s required is creating a channel, adding a few videos and asking YouTube to run ads on them and that’s it. The latest condition that has been imposed on channels have now restricted display of ads on any and every video. It is pretty evident that now only such channels that have a significant large number of audience and cross the threshold of 10,000 views will cross the barrier.
A 10,000 threshold allows a certain level of self-selection — videos that are offensive enough not to find many views will be prevented from hosting any advertisements.
This imposition of threshold will also result in a reduced number of videos that YouTube needs to review and separate from other videos on its platform. The company has already listed customers such as Pepsico and Coca-Cola.
This newest improvement to its policy will allow YouTube to do reviews on a larger number of videos and remove ones that proves to be unfit. This will also prevent offensive videos and videos that have lesser views, from going public.

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