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All You Need To Know About The Windows Snip And Sketch Tool
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All You Need To Know About The Windows Snip And Sketch Tool

If you have been an ardent fan of the existing Windows Snipping Tool, you might as well start getting acquainted with Windows 10 Snip & Sketch. As you can see from the line marked in the screenshot below – it would probably take one update and the Snipping tool will be gone forever.

Snip & Sketch

But, here is a huge sigh of relief, we already have Windows 10 snip and sketch tool which is equally great and equally functional and this blog, we shall talk about all the wonderful things you can do with Windows 10 snip & sketch.

Windows Snip & Sketch Tool – Tips And Tricks

Windows Snip and Tool came with the October 2018 update. It comes with the goodness of Snipping tool that has a Screen sketch. In this sketch we shall look at –

⦁ How To Take And Edit Screenshots With Snip and Sketch
⦁ How To Annotate Using Snip and Sketch Tool

First and foremost, for our convenience, let’s pin the Snip & Sketch tool to the taskbar. To do that –

⦁ Press the Start button marked by the flag icon (Windows icon) towards the left hand side of the keyboard
⦁ Type Snip & sketch in the search bar
⦁ Right click on it and choose the option pin to taskbar

Now, you will see the Snip & Sketch icon on the taskbar which will make it all the more convenient for you to use it. Having gotten that out of the way, let’s cover each of the above points individually.

How To Take And Edit Screenshots With Snip and Sketch

Let’s get down to the basics first,

⦁ Open the Snip & Sketch tool

⦁ Towards the left hand side you will see New which would enable you to take a snip of the screen you are on. You could also press Window + Shift + S to take the screenshots as well.

You can take three types of screenshot clips –
⦁ Rectangular
⦁ Freeform
⦁ fullscreen

⦁ Now, slightly on the right side of New, you will see a dropdown marked by a down arrow. Using this you can choose the duration after which the tool will allow you to take a screenshot.


For instance, if you choose Snip in 3 Seconds, the tool will be enabled after 3 seconds to take a screenshot of the screen you are on. This can be great, e.g. If you wish to take a screenshot of a process where you would take a while to reach

After you are sure of the screenshot, hit Ctrl+C and open the editor (E.g. Google doc) where you wish to paste it. For saving it as an image, click on the Save as Icon and choose the format in which you wish to save.

How To Annotate Using Snip and Sketch Tool

How To Annotate Using Snip

Taking screenshots is not the only thing you get to do with Windows Snip & Sketch tool. There are several tools using which you can annotate on your screenshots as well. For instance, you can use several different types of pens and pencils varying in thickness or even crop a particular area of your screenshot just as you would do in Windows Snipping Tool. Here you can use a pencil, marker or a ball point pen to annotate the screenshot.

Additionally, you also have an eraser for erasing wrong annotation, a ruler and protector for making precise lines.

Enabling The Print Screen Button To Use Windows Snip & Sketch

Print Screen Button

By default the print screen shortcut might not be enabled on the Windows Snip and Sketch tool. You might have to enable it manually. To do this follow the steps mentioned below –

⦁ Click on the Start button
⦁ Go to Settings
⦁ Click on Ease of Access and then click on Keyboard
⦁ Here slide the Print Screen Shortcut to on

After this step, the next time you click on the print screen (PrtSc) option, you will be able to take a snip.

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Make The Change, Be The Change

Use both the tools if you will. But, it’s the Windows 10 snip & sketch tool that you’ll ultimately have to make friends with and why not? Isn’t it a wonderful tool? And, if our blog helped you forge a stronger bond with this tool, do give us a shout out in the comments section below. We come with tons and tons of engaging and fun tech-related content. So! Keep reading.

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