11 Windows 10 Tips to Increase Productivity

11 Windows 10 Tips to Increase Productivity

Microsoft’s fastest and efficient operating system designed to boost user productivity is Windows 10. It is the most used operating system as it allows users to perform multiple tasks and jump between applications effortlessly.

But most of its features are unknown to users as they aren’t obvious. That’s why in this post we bring for you most common Windows 10 tips and tricks. These Windows 10 tips will help you increase productivity and use Windows 10 in the best possible way.

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1. Use GodMode to control everything on Windows 10:

One of the best kept secrets of Windows 10, is GodMode. This powerful hidden option grants access to almost everything that you search in Control Panel or Windows 10 settings.  To activate GodMode follow these simple steps:

Create a new folder on the desktop by right clicking on Desktop > New > Folder.

Create New Folder on the Desktop

Once done rename it by right clicking on it > Rename to: GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

Rename New Folder in GodMode

This will alter the folder icon into something that looks like Windows 10 Control Panel.

Folders icon - Windows 10 Control Panel

Double click it to find all Windows 10 settings under one roof.

Windows 10 Setting

2. Windows 10 Dark Mode

Want to give your apps a smooth and elegant look? Switch to Dark Mode in Windows 10. To do so, follow the steps explained below:

Click on Start > Settings > Personalization > Colors.

Here under “Choose your default app mode”, select Dark.

Select Windows 10 Dark Mode

3. Send Android text messages from your Windows 10 PC

Using phone while working to check messages decreases your productivity. But if you are an avid, Windows 10 user here is a solution for you.
Simply, download Your Phone app to check and send Android text messages from your Windows 10 PC.

4. Sync Copied messages on Windows

Access data of one PC data onto another using Windows 10 performance tweak.

To do so click on Start > Settings > System > Clipboard. Here, toggle the button to right to enable Clipboard history and Sync across devices.

Note: To sync data, you’d need to sign in with Microsoft or work account.

5. Organize Apps on Windows 10

Are you a multi tasker? Do you want to take full benefit of the screen area? Use Windows 10’s Snap feature. Simply drag any app’s title bar to an edge of the screen and arrange other open apps.

To make this process quick use following keyboard shortcuts:

Win + Left arrow key: to snap to left half

Win + Right arrow key: to snap to right half

Win + Left arrow key and Win + Up arrow key: Snap to the top left edge

Win + Left arrow key and Win + Down arrow key: Snap to the down left edge

Win + Right arrow key and Win + Up arrow key: Snap to the top right edge

Win + Right arrow key and Win + Down arrow key: Snap to the top right edge

Organize Apps on Windows 10

Using these simple shortcuts, Windows10 tips and tricks you can snap the apps in Windows 10 and can make full use of the screen.

6. Use mouse to resize snapped apps

Most useful feature you get to use while working on Windows 10 to boost performance is snapping Windows. But if you want to resize them, then what? Worry not, if you want to resize any of the snapped screen, hover the mouse pointer over the intersection and resize them as per your choice.

Use mouse to resize snapped apps

7. Take Snapshot on Windows 10

The best way to keep an important document or photos handy while working on Windows 10 is to take its screenshot. To take screenshot on Windows 10, Press Windows key + Shift + S altogether and launch snipping bar.
This will grey out the screen allowing you to capture the area of the screen that is important.

Take Snapshot on Windows 10

This, screenshot will be saved on clipboard.

8. Hide desktop icons quickly

Want to clean Windows 10 messy desktop in seconds? Head to desktop > right-click > from the context menu, select View > Show desktop icons. This will hide all the desktop icons. To get them back follow the same steps and click on Show desktop icons.

Hide desktop icons quickly

9. Get Microsoft experience on your Android phone

Download and install Microsoft Launcher from Google Play Store to get mesmerising beautiful Bing wallpapers, sync your Office docs, calendar, and more.

10. Chat within a shared Word doc

Are you into editing? If yes, this feature will help you in many ways. When editing a shared document in Office 365, select the image of one who’s editing > select Chat to get feedback in real time.

Note: To share a document you need to log in to your Microsoft account. This is an amazing Windows 10 performance tweak.

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11. Find multiple open apps quickly

A multi tasker faces problem to find an app when number of documents, applications are open. Therefore, to resolve this problem Windows 10 brings Task View to find apps easily. Task view in Windows 10 shows thumbnail of all the open apps including virtual desktop. Using this Windows 10 tips and tricks to use Task View you can manage apps across desktops and monitors.

To use Task View press Windows key and Tab together. This will show you thumbnails of all open apps on Windows 10. Select the app you would like to work on. 

Using these simple Windows 10 tips and tricks you can increase productivity. These Windows 10 hacks will not only make things easy but will also help you to use Windows 10 to the best of its capability.

We hope you’ll enjoy using these Windows 10 tips and tricks. If you like the information, share the article. Also, if you want us to add more tips do let us know. Your feedback is valuable to us.

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