Windows 10 May 2020 Updates Powered Cortana with Productivity Tools

Windows 10 May 2020 Updates Powered Cortana with Productivity Tools

Windows 10 update always surprises us with something or other and we see Microsoft thrives to bring in more intelligence with every new release. The same can be observed with Windows 10 May 2020 update as Microsoft Cortana has come up with new exciting features to bring in more powerful productivity tools to help us sail in this challenging technology race.

There are plenty of changes and enhancements in the features of the Microsoft Windows 10 OS that you may observe with Windows 10 May 2020 update. Here in this article, we will take you through with the notable changes and improvement factors that are considered good with Windows productivity tools.

Microsoft Cortana – Welcome to the Core Family

Microsoft releases inherent OS updates on a regular basis and featured updates once a year for all other applications associated with the operating system. The exciting news here is Cortana is a part of system application and will not need to wait for a year to get the next regular updates. Microsoft Cortana will now receive regular updates from Microsoft store.

Microsoft Cortana 2020

Microsoft Cortana – Improved Design

In terms of design enhancement, Microsoft Cortana has come up with an entirely new experience that allows you to move the windows all over the screen. It also comprises of a chat interface that allows you to give text commands along with voice commands.

The all-new App interface is going to give you the ease of access while using the Cortana assistant. When you first initiate the Cortana app, you will need to sign in with a Microsoft account to gain access. This all-new Cortana is not attached to the taskbar that makes it movable throughout the screen. Since it has turned onto an app, it has got impressive features to resize, rotate, full screen or dual screen for multitasking.

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Typing input is the primary mode of input and interaction along with voice commands. This change with Windows 10 update has been implemented on the basis of a survey since most of the Microsoft users don’t wish to talk to a computer and prefer keyboard and mouse as their primary mode of input.

Chat interface allows you to view the interaction in a thread form as you are familiar with it. Cortana also offers you query suggestions that help you to make your query more accurate and to the point.

The Right-click option is also available on your text responses to copy, reply, delete, ask again, or clear the chat thread. The context menu with featured options will assist you with a more helpful way of interacting with Microsoft Cortana.

Dark Mode or Light Mode is also available in the all-new Microsoft Cortana as you can change the theme as per your visibility interests. The mode can’t be switched independently however with the Windows 10 color scheme mode; the Cortana app will also change colors.

Microsoft Cortana is Now Productivity Assistant

Windows 10 May 2020 update - microsoft cortana

With this Windows 10 update, Microsoft has shifted focus in making Cortana as the best Windows productivity tools that will work best with Microsoft 365 subscription. The tool has become more productive and user friendly with voice assistance as well as text assist. Microsoft has also removed a few non-productive features including skills and Notebook.

Microsoft Cortana will help you managing meetings, tasks, surfacing office documents, and multiple other productivity tasks. The assistance is more focused on managing your work routine.

You can manage tasks, Schedule appointments, change, edit, cancel appointments just with your voice commands and the same can be synced among all your devices with one single Microsoft account.

The reminder app is really amazing as it maintains all your ‘Microsoft To Do’ list

You can ask Microsoft Cortana to open files and folders for you and search through emails along with managing your calendar events.

Microsoft is ending support for older versions of Cortana in Windows 10. You can still figure out how to control Cortana here. and will only support the latest version released with Windows 10 May 2020 update to make it the best Windows productivity tool.

Fun with Microsoft Cortana

Similar to its previous version, Microsoft Cortana connects to Bing to look for solutions to your queries. You can ask for anything and it will search for it for you. Search jokes, weather reports, change the theme, calculate, adjust brightness, connect to a Bluetooth device, play music, run a slideshow of pictures, set alarms, and do more without touching the keyboard. Learn more about Cortana issues.

Microsoft Cortana Settings

cortana settings window

Microsoft Cortana app dropped the exclusive section that controls the Cortana experience. There is a new settings section that can be used to manage settings of the Cortana App.

You can click on the three dots at the left-hand top section to open the settings section. Under the ‘Talk to Cortana’ section, you can either enable ‘Type’ or choose ‘Speak and Type’ options. You can also configure the ‘Wake Word’ that will ignite Cortana Assistant. By default, it is ‘Hey Cortana’ than can be turned ON or OFF.

cortana-settings - app permissions

Cortana will generally take permissions to use your Mic and Speakers however the new version of the app that came with Windows 10 update is also going to ask permission for your camera.

The new Cortana app is not going to give you the option to remove it, though you can reset or repair the app whenever you want.

On the privacy option, you can configure or revoke permissions to sync with your calendar and emails. You can also clear your chat history just with a click in the settings window.

Summing Up

Like every year, Windows 10 May 2020 update brought amazing features and one of them is new features of Microsoft Cortana. Look for Windows 10 update and the new features will be automatically installed on your computer. Microsoft is focusing more on Windows productivity tools and empowering work with its smart features.

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