What’s New in Cortana With Windows 10 Creators Update

What’s New in Cortana With Windows 10 Creators Update

With tons of new enhancements and improvements in Windows 10 Creators Update, it has also bestowed Cortana with some exciting new features that will make your personal digital assistant better than ever before.
Setting up a PC with voice, doesn’t its seems impossible? NO, with the advent of Creators update it is now possible to set up an entire device with using voice commands. Adding more to it, Creators update also offers a full-screen experience for Cortana and the ability to resume tasks from another device.
Here are a few interesting features and enhancements in Cortana included with the Creators Update:

Setting up your PC

The all new updated version of “out-of-box experience” introduced with Windows 10 Creators Update adds Cortana to assist your configure your computer for the first time. When you’re setting up a new device or you’re reinstalling Windows 10, Cortana will be there to help you in every step with voice commands.
In this new “out-of-box experience”, Cortana will be explaining you each step by simply asking you “Yes” or “No” questions to select the right option on every screen. If you’re not sure about something, you can always ask Cortana, which is always ready to help.
Cortana’s out-of-box-experience, guides novice users to quickly and easily complete the Windows 10 setup without any external help.


Pick up where you left off

The new updated Cortana can switch devices and resume certain tasks you were working on another computer, using the feature known as “pick up where I left off,” similar to Apple’s MacOS “Handoff”. Start you work on an app, Office document, or website using Microsoft Edge from one device, and you can easily resume it from another computer where you left off. Of course, you must have logged in with the same Microsoft account on both devices.
By default, this new feature on Cortana is enabled on your PC. However, if it’s not working you can enable this feature by following these steps:

  • Press Windows key + S to open Cortana.
  • Click the Notebook icon and select Pick up where I left off option.


  • Toggle on Help me pick up where I left off button and click on Save.

Note: This feature is currently available only for Windows 10 Creators update users in the United States.
For example, you started making a PowerPoint presentation on your tablet while traveling. Now when you arrive home, you can switch to your desktop PC using the same Microsoft account, and open Action Center (Windows key + A), here you should see a “Resume from your other devices” notifications with the link, from which you can continue with your presentation on your desktop.


Improvements on music

Cortana can now control music playback on even more music apps, not only this but it also remembers the last music app you used to listen to your favorite song. This means that you no longer have to repeat the name of the music app on every query.
And that’s not all. You can even control your device’s volume using voice command, by saying something like: “Hey Cortana, lower the volume” or “increase the volume.”

Improvements on reminders

An older version of Cortana was capable of creating reminders based on a person, time, and location. However, when it came to creating recurring reminders, it was limited to make the recurrence based on the days of the week. However, on the Creators Update, Cortana can create recurring reminders for every month or year.
You can set a reminder by saying something like “remind me to wash the bike every Sunday” or “remind me to pay the electricity bill on 4th of every month”, and Cortana will remember it for you.

Surely, with this Creators Update, Microsoft wants Cortana to start working for you, rather than getting you to work for it.

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