What’s More Secure: Windows or Mac?

What’s More Secure: Windows or Mac?

The burning question regarding what operating system is more vulnerable to cyberattacks has been asked for years and yet there is no clear-cut answer to whether it’s Windows or Mac. Although there is a general belief that Mac systems are far more impervious to Malware than Windows. However, you might be surprised that Mac aren’t as secure as most users believe.

Windows or Mac

While both operating systems are vulnerable to attacks, over the years Microsoft has learnt more painful lessons about security as compared to Mac. However, courtesy the stumbles in the past, today Windows 10 is technically more secure than the latest version of Mac OS.

Yet Windows 10 is still the preferred target of hackers. Reason being Windows having a larger client base than Mac. However, with time the attacker’s attention is shifting towards making Mac susceptible to attacks.

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Web Based Attacks:

Web Based Attacks

Mac and Windows both are vulnerable to phishing attacks. PC users alone are not a prey to such attacks Mac users too, fall for the lures and tend to get their data infected.

When you are surfing the web out of nowhere you receive a popup warning message saying your computer has a virus and it is blocked. To fix the problem you need to call a number. What will you do? Surely you will be scared and in most cases, will end up calling the number. Attacks like this can take place on any machine either Mac or Windows.

Web Based Attacks

Such messages are called pop up ads which are misleading and are not operating system dependent.  They are made to fool a user and earn money. These pop up ads look real but remember it’s just a picture which is telling something is wrong with your computer. But in reality nothing is wrong.

Web Based Attacks

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Attacks Aren’t Machine Specific

Anyone can have a well secure machine regardless of the operating system. It depends on the user how much he is and what all measure he prefers to keep the machine secure.

Mac OS and Windows both encourage users to download program this can be dangerous, as user don’t know what he is heading too. Both operating system runs several security services and one who is cautious knows how to use them.

Windows provide User Access Control for users to check the program before allowing it to run. But users click on Yes without reading the text. We cannot blame Operating system it’s the user which makes the machine vulnerable.

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Need For More Mature Users Than Operating Systems

From security point of view both Windows and Mac are good and efficient. But being secure alone doesn’t help it’s the user and usage what matters. A Mac user can end up downloading a malicious plug in like a PC User. It doesn’t matter if there is an extra layer of security provided to Mac users in name of entering a username and password for download. They will key in the credentials and will download the malicious plugin which will harm their Mac like it will do for PC. It is a unifying threat which puts both operating systems at risk and that’s how threats exploit.

Market Share Creates A Difference

Market share makes a difference when it comes to security of both the operating systems. Mac wins the race even with the lowest market share because the one with larger market share here is at risk. Even though Windows is more secure yet it is at risk. If one fine day the market share flips there will be more Mac exploits as compared to Windows.

Not only this browser security also matters as it also has a considerable share in security. We cannot blame Internet Explorer even Mac’s default web browser Safari is not secured it has a lousy reputation. Even a child with little technical knowledge can use it to attack Mac. It’s just matter of time, soon when the arrow targeting Windows will be shot at Mac you will realize the fact.

Security Updates

Microsoft and Apple both are taking security measure to reduce the risk of cyberattacks. They resolve security related flaws at the earliest to avoid threats. Microsoft releases more security updates to keep users secure as compared to Mac. Yet, security bugs are discovered in latest version of Mac OS.

Therefore, both operating system should release timely updates, irrespective of the fact which is more vulnerable.

Wrap Up

Wrap Up

By far what do you think which is more secure Windows or Mac? It is hard to name anyone as both have their pros and cons. There is no specific reason to choose anyone on security grounds. All operating systems are susceptible to attacks, the only way to reduce the risk is by adopting security measures.

An updated anti-virus or up to date operating system alone doesn’t help. One needs to keep firmware and Java updated. Also use a standard account rather than an admin account. There is not much difference between them if any application needs admin rights it will ask you to enter the credentials. Then it will with the user to provide or not thus having an upper hand.

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