Whats Chat App Recovery: An App To Undelete WhatsApp Texts & Media Files

What is Whats Chat App Recovery and How It Shows You Deleted WhatsApp Messages and Files?

Whats Chat App Recovery: An App To Undelete WhatsApp Texts & Media Files

Have you ever thought about what was sent and deleted by the sender in your WhatsApp chats? Does it spark your curiosity and make you wonder what they might be hiding?

Well, you are not alone!

Many WhatsApp users face this situation every day. They want to see what they missed, but WhatsApp does not let them. It’s frustrating, isn’t it? But don’t worry, there is a solution to that. Whats Chat App Recovery is a new Android app by Systweak Software that can reveal deleted WhatsApp messages and files in the app.

In this review, we will learn all about this amazing utility, its main features, pros and cons &  how to use it on your smartphone. By the end of this blog post, you will be able to discover whether Whats Chat App Recovery is worth downloading or not. So, let’s begin!

What Is Whats Chat App Recovery & How Does It Work?

Whats Chat App Recovery is a wonderful Android application that allows users to undelete and see messages & media files deleted by the sender.

This application works by retrieving data through WhatsApp Notifications. It’s crucial to understand that it can only show messages and files that arrive after you’ve installed the app and activated it in the background.

To make the application function properly, you need to grant it access to your Device’s Media for photos and other files. It also requires Notification Access to read and store messages from WhatsApp notifications. Also, make sure you enable “Auto-download” settings for All Files, so that deleted WhatsApp photos, videos, and audio files can be successfully retrieved and shown in the Whats Chat App Recovery.

Whats Chat App Recovery Technical Specifications
Offered By: Systweak Software
Latest Version:
Requires Android: 4.4 and up
Last Updated On: September 11, 2023

Highlights of Whats Chat Ap Recovery:

Here are some of the main features of the app that make it stand out from other WhatsApp recovery applications:

1. Simple User Interface: Whats Chat App Recovery has a user-friendly dashboard and users don’t need to have any technical skills to get started with it.

2. Read Deleted Messages From Sender: With the app you read the messages that the sender has removed using the “Delete for Everyone” option. You can read these messages even if you didn’t open them before they were deleted.

3. Shows Deleted WhatsApp Attachments: The application retrieves data by reading the WhatsApp notifications & then reveals the deleted messages/files in the app, under different categories – Chat, Images, Videos, and Audio.

4. The App Doesn’t Log Any User Data: Whats Chat App Recovery is safe to use and doesn’t store any information on its servers. It only accesses your storage & notifications to show the deleted WhatsApp messages and data.

5. Provides Details Of Media Files: The app provides complete details of media files such as their name, size, path, last modified date, etc.

6. Delete All The Chats & Media Files In The App: The app offers the ability to permanently erase all the traces of “undeleted messages and media files” shown in the app. You can navigate to Settings and hit the “Erase All” button to confirm the action!

7. Comes Loaded With Frequently Asked Questions: If you want to learn more about the app, its functionality, limitations, etc., you can access the FAQ section from Settings.

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Pros and Cons of Whats Chat App Recovery

It’s essential to consider both its advantages and limitations before using it:


Free and User-Friendly

Read Deleted Messages

Shows Deleted Media Files

Supports Various WhatsApp Versions

Lightweight & Doesn’t Hog Battery

Doesn’t Log Or Share Any User Data


Multiple Permission Requirements

Might Not Work With Rooted Devices

How to Use Whats Chat App Recovery on Android?

Accessing WhatsApp texts and data is a breeze with Whats Chat App Recovery. Follow these steps:

STEP 1 = Install the latest version of Whats Chat App Recovery from the official Play Store.

restore whatsapp message

STEP 2 = Launch the app and grant permissions for Media & Notifications. Rest assured; the app doesn’t collect personal data.

how to recover deleted message

STEP 3 = Open your WhatsApp Messenger, navigate to Settings, and tap on the Storage and data section.

Recover data

STEP 4 = On the next screen, under the Media auto-download header > When using mobile data, check the media files such as Photos, Audio, and Videos.

This is an important step to ensure Whats Chat App Recovery can retrieve the data from the notifications and securely show the deleted media files in the app.

read whatsapp message

That’s it! Now you can keep track of all the deleted WhatsApp messages and media files under different tabs in the Whats Chat App Recovery.

Whats Chat App

If you are interested in knowing about the other apps that can also help you recover WhatsApp deleted chats, you can check out this article on 2023’s Best Apps To Recover Deleted WhatsApp Chats On Android/iOS.

Explore Whats Chat App Recovery Alternatives (2023)

If you’re searching for alternatives to Whats Chat App Recovery for retrieving deleted WhatsApp messages and media files, consider these options:

1. Dr.Fone – Data Recovery

Dr.Fone is a robust Android recovery application that allows users to restore deleted and lost WhatsApp messages and media files such as contacts, photos, videos, and more. It supports a wide range of Android models and versions.

recover whatsapp message

2. iSkysoft Recoverit

iSkysoft specializes in complete data recovery on Android, including WhatsApp messages, without compromising device security. It also restores other data types, such as music and documents, and supports over 6000 Android devices.

recover whatsapp chat


NOTE: The only drawback with these alternate solutions is that you must connect your device to your PC to start WhatsApp data recovery.

Is Whats Chat App Recovery Worth It?

In my opinion, Whats Chat App Recovery is a useful app if you want to see deleted WhatsApp data or read deleted messages. It’s user-friendly, and effective and always prioritizes your privacy and security when using the app. Make sure you grant the necessary permissions and enable the required settings in the official messenger app to make the Whats Chat App Recovery work flawlessly.

I hope this review helps you make an informed decision about Whats Chat App Recovery. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to reach out.


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