What Is Doze, And How It Helps In Improving Battery Life?

Nowadays, when we see around, we find that most of the Android users are facing the problem of fast draining of battery. I am sure that most of you have also faced the battery issue now and then. This is the reason that when we go for a new smartphone, then the first thing which we look for, is the battery backup of that phone. If the phone gives good battery backup, then it becomes our first choice, as no one wants to charge the phone now and then.
However, as our smartphones are packed with so many applications that maintaining a good battery life is a real challenge. We always look for various options to save our battery and in turn install several apps from play store which promises to enhance our battery life.
As we all know that every new version of Android comes with additional features for optimizing our phone’s performance, including the battery life. When developers release an upgrade for Android operating system, they make every possible effort to improve the performance of the smartphones, including their battery life. In this article, we are going to discuss one such feature, i.e. Doze which is introduced in Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

What is Doze?

If we go in depth as to how Android operating system works, then we will find that Android allows the apps to run in the background even if you are not using your phone. This is the reason that even when we keep our phone asides for 4-5 hours then also battery drains. Android 6.0 Marshmallow comes with a solution of this problem with its all new feature Doze. As per Google, Doze reduces battery consumption by deferring background CPU and network activity for apps when the device is unused for long periods of time. In simple terms when our phone is in the idle state for a longer period then this feature automatically takes the phone into deeper sleep mode.

How to enable Doze?

One of the good thing about this feature is that you do not need to enable it. It is automatically activated when we leave our phone in an idle state for a long span. If we keep our phone stationery for a period, then it will enter into Doze mode. In this way, you do not need to remember that when to keep your phone in Doze mode as this feature works on its own. What we need to do is just upgrade our operating system to 6.0.

How does Doze work?

As discussed earlier that we do not need to anything to enable Doze. Our phone just needs to be unplugged from the charger, with its screen off and should remain still. It means that if we have our phone in our pocket and we are roaming then this feature will not enable. When we leave our phone idle (no movement) then after some time our phone will go to deep sleep mode, and no apps or notifications will wake it. Does this mean that when our phone enters into Doze mode then we are going to miss our calls and messages? The answer is NO, as we will be notified for high priority apps like call and messages. Apart from this if any app is set as high priority that it will also wake our phone. Any lower priority Apps won’t be allowed to constantly sync in the background.
This new feature has really improved the battery life of our smartphones. Many users experience an enhancement in their battery life when they switch to Android 6.0. If you have not yet experienced this battery saver option, then quickly upgrade to Marshmallow and feel the change.

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