What Is Browser Hijacker?

The day when we set up our computer and internet connection, on the very same day we set up our browser too. It means which search engine to use for searching over the web, what should be the homepage of browser and many such other things. This not only helps in making our browsing experience smooth and easy but also saves a lot of time. But just imagine that one morning you start your browser and finds that all its settings have changed. Your home page is changed; your search engine is changed, and above all, you find lots of toolbars installed on your browser. You get puzzled that how could this be possible, as last night everything was perfect. The answer to your problem is that your Browser has been Hijacked. Yes, you read it right, your browser is hijacked. Apparently, you think that how can a browser be hijacked. However, it is possible by inserting a malware on your PC which hijacks your browser. This malware takes control over your browser and changes your homepage along with installing bogus toolbars on your browser.

How does Browser Hijacker get on the System?

It is an old saying that prevention is always better than cure. Therefore, if you get to know that how this browser hijacker gets in your system, then in future you will remain alerted and can protect your PC from any such malware. Browser hijackers are bundled with some free software. Believe me; there’s nothing free in this world. If anything is offered to you as free then surely it means that there is a trap set behind it. When you surf the internet you find many such free software’s which promises you to fasten your system speed, give you unlimited cloud storage and many such luring offers. Now when you click on the download button then silently without your notice, a browser hijacker is installed on your PC along with that free software. In this way that free software ends up installing that browser hijacker on your PC which completely takes over your browser.
Below we have provided some typical examples of such browser hijackers:
Yeabd66.cc Browser Hijacker
Onclickads.net Redirect Browser Hijacker
Web-start.org Browser Hijacker
Conduit Browser Hijacker
Search Protect Browser Hijacker
All these browser hijackers installed themselves silently when you try to install any software that is available for free over the internet. Apart from this, some spam emails have some attachments added, if you accidentally download that attachment, then it would also result in installing browser hijacker on your PC.

How to protect your Browser from Browser Hijacker?

We are providing some basic steps which will help you in protecting yourself from Browser hijacker.

  1. Never install the software from untrusted source. If you do not trust that site or you find that the software publisher is not legitimate then never install that software on your PC.
  2. Try to read the complete end user license agreement, i.e. Eula before installing any software as some genuine software may also contain some add-ons which try to change your browser’s settings.
  3. Always stay updated with the latest version of a browser.
  4. Always use an updated antimalware tool along with an updated antivirus program.

You only need to be a little bit more alert and naturally less greedy to protect your browser from browser hijacker.

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