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What is BlueBorne Attack and How to Stay Protected
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What is BlueBorne Attack and How to Stay Protected

We live in a highly connected world where cyber-attacks have become increasingly common. Attackers take advantage of any vulnerability and targets both individuals and organizations. While we are busy fixing the one detected other is waiting around the corner to attack.

A new type of attack name BlueBorne is detected. It targets all Bluetooth enabled devices whether it be a smartphone, laptop, smart TV, IoT device or your PC all are at risk. This attack takes control of your device remotely without user intervention. To understand things better let’s understand in depth what is the attack, how it works and how to stay protected.

What is the meaning and how it works?

BlueBorne the name is derived from 2 terms Bluetooth and Airborne. This attack takes place without user intervention and is wireless in nature. Unpaired and undiscoverable devices are also at risk. Once the attacker gets access to bluetooth enabled devices the data can be easily stolen while transmitted and malware can be spread. As user input is not required he does not get hint of what’s going on around him. Plus, attackers use compromised device to establish “man-in-middle” connection to access critical networks and data.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, BlueBorne attack can spread itself like a worm, thus creating havoc and trouble among big organizations.

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How hackers exploit the vulnerability?

As the attack is wireless it spreads from one device to another via air, meaning a single device is capable of infecting dozens more. The attack is dangerous as bluetooth connection gives attacker the privilege to virtually control compromised device. Meaning the hacker can remotely install ransomware, can use the device as part of botnet to carry DDoS attack or to perform other nefarious activities.

Which devices are affected?

All bluetooth enabled devices are at risk whether it be smartphone, PC, AI assistants or any other all are targeted. Even Apple considered to be the most secure device is at risk. Android and Linux two platforms are most vulnerable to this attack as the bluetooth functionality used in them makes them prone to memory corruption exploits.

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Windows devices running Windows Vista and newer version are affected by “Bluetooth Pineapple” vulnerability

How to protect a bluetooth enabled device?

BlueBorne attack is one of the most dangerous and aggressive attack in recent times due to its widespread effect. But we can stay protected against it by following certain steps:

  1. Disable Bluetooth when not in use.
  2. Update your device with latest security update.
  3. Enable automatic update download to get all the security patches on the machine.
  4. Use an updated anti-virus software.
  5. Don’t share any confidential information over bluetooth as it can be stolen.

These steps will help you to from stay protected and avoid being a victim. Technology is helpful to us but using it without appropriate knowledge is dangerous. Therefore, it is recommended to always turn off the settings that are not in use. BlueBorne attack is an example of how our carelessness can cost us a lot.

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This is one of the most dangerous attack that has targeted all the systems and not a single OS can boast about being 100% secure.

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