Watch For The All New CryptoBlackmail Ransomware

Watch For The All New CryptoBlackmail Ransomware

This might be a nightmare for some of the porn watchers but now they need to stay aware as the all new scam is here dubbed ‘CryptoBlackmail’, a ransomware that demands cryptocurrency from the viewers through scam email.

Why is it Called CryptoBlackmail?

Basically, blackmailing someone is what we see in movies and in real life, where you have to pay some money in return for your data, family or it can be anything that is close to you or is personal and important.

This scam is somewhat similar to ransomware. In which users are blackmailed for the cryptocurrency in return for their personal data.

But, before all this let us know what exactly CryptoBlackmail is.

CryptoBlackmail and How it works?

It is a ransomware dropped in your system by malicious hackers in order to earn cryptos in return of your personal data and information.

The actors are operating on porn sites for dropping this ransomware. As soon as the user starts to watch movies, the footage of what he is watching and what he is doing is recorded through the webcam of the system.

Once the footage is recorded, the user receives a scam email with the amount of money blackmailers want. Not only this, if user doesn’t pay ransom amount before the deadline then footage of what has been recorded will be forwarded to 9 people listed in contacts.

However, it is still not proved that the video exists or not.

The scam email means they already have gained access to users’ system, which means Remote Desktop Access (RDP) was already set up in the system. Through RDP, actors get access to users’ webcam and can record and see what he/she might be doing.

Through RDP, they can also get access to contacts, other emails, passwords, and almost all the data that is present in system.

This news came into highlights when one of the user tweeted the picture of mail received by his friend:

CryptoBlackmail Ransomware

Preventions to Stay Safe & Secure

First of all, this might be a fake scam email by some random group. So, it’s better not to negotiate or give any amount of money as it is not proven that they have the footage of the user. But, just to stay of the safe side follow the preventions given below:

1. Use VPN

By using a Virtual Private Network, you will be able to connect to a secure connection on some other network, which can’t be traced and bypassed easily. This will divert all the traffic coming at your network to another network.

2. Change All the Passwords

By this, it won’t be that easy for the blackmailers to access your bank and social accounts. Make sure you replace all your old passwords with the new strong password that is difficult to decode.

3. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Almost every website when creating an account provides two-factor authentication method for secure login. By this, user will get to know if someone tries to access the account without permission on his/her mobile device.

4. Switch-Off Your Webcam

Fourth and the most important prevention that you should take is disable your webcam ASAP. As we now know that actors are recording or spying on everything that you are doing through webcam, so it’s better to switch it off or the other way is cover it with a white tape just like Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

These are some of the preventions that we all should take for now to stay on the safe side. Make sure even if you get mail regarding the ransom, don’t pay or negotiate until and unless they have proof of what they are saying.

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