WannaCry: Are Apple Devices Safe?

WannaCry: Are Apple Devices Safe?

We all have heard about WannaCry ransomware and its adverse effects on many organizations running Windows machines. It is known to be the largest cyberattack that brought down thousands of multinational organizations . Users were locked out of their data and to get back the access ransom was demanded in Bitcoin.

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You must be wondering why are we discussing a Windows attack? It doesn’t matter which operating system was targeted, as there are zero day exploits against any operating system. Name doesn’t matter what matters is the purpose. Operating system is the root targeted by the hackers with a common interest of gaining money. It’s the same story with different parts and facets which has the same motivation. The digital age is making us machine dependent and more vulnerable to cyber threats. Therefore, it’s better to be alert rather than to be in any kind of dilemma.
WannaCry is just a name given to the most famous ransomware attack. Ransomware viruses are contagious, if one system on the network gets infected others are a sure prey, it spreads like wildfire.

Ransomware holds up your data and computer hostage until you pay a ransom.

Are Apple Devices Safe

Can My Mac also get infected by WannaCry?

As of now, WannaCry ransomware has exploited flaw in Microsoft’s software but this doesn’t mean that it cannot affect Mac. It just happens that this time the attack is targeting Windows but Apple absolutely is vulnerable to these types of attacks.

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It was only a matter of time when Mac had a better reputation than Windows. Mac’s are no longer better off, the first ransomware attack for apple device is already witnessed. Things have gone downhill attackers are shifting to Apple. The first ransomware attack targeting Apple is already discovered this proves Mac can also be infected.

Can My Mac also get infected by WannaCry

How to stay protected?

Irrespective of which operating system you are on, ensure all the software’s are updated. In addition, do not open any suspicious emails or click on links you are not aware about. Plus, don’t open attachments received from unknown sender. Think before you click on anything that may seem suspicious.

Always take incremental data backup and keep your system up to date. The attack may seem to be subsided but that doesn’t mean it cannot pick up again and this time it can be Mac.

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Whose fault, is it?

When a data hack is encountered we always think whose fault it is? Is it an individual’s fault or lack of software update or the world we live in is to be blamed? We cannot blame anyone as all the things are equally responsible. A study shows that on an average it takes 200 days for an organization to realize that there has been a data breach. So, we started investing all money for technical advancement and completely ignore the other side.

This ignorance has lead us to where we are standing today. Precautionary measures will do their task, but we have to take care of what is coming in to stay protected. It always good to be prepared beforehand rather than losing it when things go out of the hands.

No operating system is secure all have their weaknesses. If we get ourselves ready before such attacks strike again it’s good. Therefore, we should never think we are all safe, threat can come from anywhere. So be ready before it’s too late.

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