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Vulnerabilities That Intimidate Your Device Security,
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Vulnerabilities That Intimidate Your Device Security

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Avoid UpdatesDo Not Visit Untrusted Website and LinkDo not register yourself everywhereDo Not MultitaskLimit Your post

Internet has become a part of our daily routine and we use it in and out throughout the day. Whether it is to surf about something or using to watch a video, we use internet. These things appear to be normal but neglecting basic security habits could cost us. So, you need to take care.

In this post, we’re going to discuss habits which can turn as vulnerabilities that intimidate your device security and privacy.

Avoid Updates

Getting constant update notifications is frustrating especially when you’re working on something important. Moreover, according to the research over 99% of Windows computers are susceptible to hacking as there are vulnerabilities in well-known apps such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Air. The above-mentioned apps are incorporated with popular media players, browsers, and flash plugins, these are some of the items that are used by most of the Windows users.

So, these are some apps that are always under the radar by cybercriminals to attack the maximum target.

It might sound strange, but the normally well-known application is surveyed for its limitations by developers as well as by the hackers. So, ignoring your device updates can let you update your device later but dismissing your update notification may make your device prone to cyber-attacks.

Do Not Visit Untrusted Website and Link

Most of us are guilty of visiting an untrusted website or link that we get through ads and unknown sources. Because most of us think, it is not a big deal. However, you might get forging website which might put your machine at risk. Visiting untrusted websites or accessing such links can also make you a victim of phishing attacks, malware and ransomware. Ensure your safety by accessing links from trusted websites and sources just by typing the name in the address bar.

Do not register yourself everywhere

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Nowadays keeping multiple accounts for browsing is a common practice and used by most of the users. To keep them all the password in mind we tend to use the same password to each account. When you register yourself everywhere on various websites without checking their authenticity then it can turn as a vulnerability that intimidates your device security and privacy. It is one of the common ways for hackers to get users personal and financial data with ease.

It is always recommended to eliminate the account that is not used by you in the past few months and years. As your online account holds vital information and sensitive data about you like mobile number, email, password, password hints, etc. The data can be used by hackers to get into your system or use them for other benefits.

Do Not Multitask

register yourself everywhere

Some people thinking to do multitasking is a talent, where a person can handle more than one thing at a time. But certainly, focusing on two things at a time not only good for your productivity, concentration but also harmful for your security.

When we access 2-3 screen at a time, we tend to lose focus and that’s where distractions take place. You end up click on suspicious links or infecting your machine when you’re not laser focus on your work which might end up making you a victim of phishing attacks.

Moreover, when you open multiple screens on your computer, your machine takes extra time to provide you with quick results. To get effortlessly faster and smoother experience with your device than stop doing multitasking until it is not important.

Limit Your post

register yourself everywhere

There is a very common phrase “What happens on the Internet stays on the Internet” which means whatever you’ve posted on the Internet, it is never ever going away private again.

As the internet has the capability to remember whatever you feed it so think before uploading your post. You can limit your post to make sure you do not end up posting your private information which you wanted to be private. Moreover, cybercriminals and intruders can use the information which is posted by you to intrude your privacy. Indeed, it is another vulnerability that intimidates your device security and privacy, so you need to be careful about it.

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So, these are the common vulnerabilities that intimidate your device security as well as get you in trouble if you do it without thinking about the consequences.

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