How To Unzip Files on Android Devices (2023)

How To Unzip Files on Android Devices (2023)

The Internet is packed with a variety of file compression applications that allow users to zip files on smartphones and computers. These tools assist users in compressing several documents and other multimedia files into a single file. Since the file size is shrunk, you will be able to save valuable storage space and enjoy faster data transfer speeds. To view the contents of zipped files you need to learn the process of unzipping files on Android.

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How to Access Zip Files on Android Devices?

To open a zip file on mobile you can take the help of a plethora of apps, available on Google Play Store to extract the contents of a zip file on Android.

Let us see how to unzip files on Android with Files by Google.

1. Go to Google Play Store and install the app Files, if it is not pre-installed on your Android device.

Install App Files on Google play Store

2. Launch the app and find the zipped file, you wish to unzip.

Unzip File

3. Once the zipped file is found, tap on the same and hit the Extract button.

Extract Zip File

4. All the unzipped files can now be seen. That’s how you can easily open a zip file on your mobile.

Find UnZip File on phone

5. Press done button to complete the unzipping process!

Unzip Process

Unzipping files on Android was this easy! To extract the zip file in Android using other applications, get your hands on WinZip, RAR, or ZArchiver. These apps can also help to create a zip file. 

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Unzipper Apps That Are Worth Trying In 2023

1. WinZip

There are several helpful methods for extracting zipped files, but WinZip is unquestionably the simplest and most efficient. You can also organize files by creating new folders, and unzipping is as simple as long pressing the zip and selecting the unzip option.



  • Zip, RAR, Zipx, 7z, POSIX TAR, TAR, XZ, VHD, GZIP, and other important compression formats are supported.
  • To protect data and information in a file. You can create read-only PDFs with watermarks to discourage copying.
  • Find, open, edit, transfer, and share zip files easily.
  • Offers effective ways to share large files via email, cloud storage, and social networking sites within the app.

The only drawback with WinZip is that each time you create a new zip file, the app will place the main file in the root directory of your phone This mean, you’ll have to tap through numerous directories to get back to your original folder.

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2. ZArchiver

Zarchiver - Unzip files on Android

ZArchiver is one of the best free ZIP file extractor applications for Android users. It has an easy-to-use interface and handles over 20+ file types, including RAR and ZIP. With the app, you may create files, unzip zipped files, and more. With the app, you can create the following archive types: 7z (7zip), zip, bzip2 (bz2), XZ, tar, and gzip (gz).


  • Any compressed file type, including zip files, can be compressed and extracted with the ZArchiver.
  • Password-protected archives can also be created, decompressed, and edited by adding or deleting files.
  • You may also unzip and browse a variety of archive formats.
  • This tool can also open encrypted files, access archives from email apps, and retrieve split archives.

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3. RAR

RAR app

RAR is a wonderful app, developed by RARLAB, that supports quick compression and helps to manage files/folders easily. With RAR, you can create ZIP files and unpack RAR, ZIP, TAR, GZ, BZ2, XZ, 7z, ISO, and ARJ archives. Unlike WinRAR, it is not completely free. Ads surface as you use the app, and you need to pay to remove them.


  • High compression ratio as compared to other unzipper apps.
  • Uses AES-128 encryption method with enhanced key scheduling to protect sensitive files.
  • Capabilities for advanced error correction and data recovery.
  • Multi-volume RAR archives allow you to break huge archives into smaller ones for more effortless network transfer.
  • You can choose to delete individual files after creating archives.

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Thus, with technological advancement, unzipping and opening files on Android has become very simple. You should have no problems as long as you download a reliable solution.

Wrapping Up

Overall, Files by Google is a great choice. Besides that, WinZip’s capability is a bit more comprehensive than other competitors. You can rapidly files through email using the app, and you can create folders within the app. WinZip does not require any unnecessary permissions. Thus, you don’t have to be concerned about your privacy.


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