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How To Uninstall App From Mac That Won’t Delete
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How To Uninstall App From Mac That Won’t Delete

Some apps on Mac are stubborn, so much so, that no matter how hard you try they won’t just delete. Or, an app might look seemingly stubborn but maybe you forgot to do something really simple because of which it’s not uninstalling. Whatever the circumstance might be, here we will have a look at ways to uninstall apps from Mac that won’t delete.

I Wish To Uninstall An App From Mac That Won’t Delete, Why?

The reasons could be one too many. For example –

  • If it’s a system app that you are trying to uninstall, Mac just won’t do it. Here you should be cautious that by no means do you delete an app that might later render your Mac inoperable
  • Check if the app in question is open and running in the background. If that’s the case, you won’t be able to delete it unless you close it down
  • If despite everything an app just won’t uninstall, it is probably a malware

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– The App’s Open

Not every time modern problems require modern solutions. For instance, if an app you are trying to uninstall just won’t, it’s probably open. It’s as simple and straightforward as that. Though, you might fight yourself in a little tricky situation if an app you are trying to uninstall is open and running in the background. In that case –

  1. Open Finder
  2. Select Applications
  3. Head to Utilities and then Activity Monitor
    uninstall program
  4. Locate the app that you wish to delete and check if it is open. You can even use the search bar to find the app
  5. Select the app and hit the X icon and then click on Quit to end the process

Now, you can try and uninstall the app any which way you want. Still didn’t find success? Move on to the next step.

– Force Delete An App Using Terminal

If your Mac terminal, doesn’t scare you, you can try and force delete a stubborn app that won’t delete otherwise. Remember, be very careful and be sure that you are using this command on the app that you want to delete because once an app goes through this, it is gone forever. Also, we highly recommend that you take a prior backup so that later if you find that you have deleted a wrong app, you at least have a backup to fall back on.

  1. Launch Terminal
  2. Go to Applications/Utilities
  3. When Terminal opens type cd /Applications/
  4. Next, type sudo rm -rf (name of the app).app. We have given an example of an app in the screenshot below.

Delete app

– Use A Third-Party Uninstaller

Sometimes modern problems do need modern solutions. In case an app that you want to uninstall on your Mac won’t delete, you can bring into force a third-party uninstaller. Advanced Uninstall Manager, for instance, is the kind of app we are talking about. But why use an app like Advanced Uninstall Manager? This app completely uninstalls an app on Mac and ensures that no leftovers remain whatsoever. With a simple click it doesn’t just uninstall an app but even the files that it contains. Apps like these are miles ahead of your regular uninstaller.

How To Use Advanced Uninstall Manager?

1. Download and install Advanced Uninstall Manager


2. Next, click on Confirm Home option

3. Drag and drop the stubborn app in the circle

4. Follow the on-screen instructions

Hopefully, you have gotten rid of the app by now.

– Check The App For Malicious Threats

Malicious Threats

It’s no secret – Just like any other operating system, even Mac devices are prone to malware. Don’t believe us – here are some of the top mac malware and security flaws. It is quite possible that you mistakenly installed an app that was loaded with malware and the malware is so adamant that even after trying every hat in the trick it is refusing to go and hence, the app’s not uninstalling. In that case, something that can save you is an Antivirus. Here is how an Antivirus would help in eliminating malware from your Mac.

Wrapping Up:

When an app doesn’t delete despite all efforts, it can be annoying and at times scary. That being said, smart moves like the ones mentioned above may help you resolve the issue. Are you now able to uninstall the app which previously refused to uninstall? If yes, do let us know which of the above workarounds worked out for you. For more such information, keep reading Tweak Library.

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