6 Smart Ways To Tune Up Windows 10 PC For Supreme Performance

6 Smart Ways To Tune Up Windows 10 PC For Supreme Performance

A slow PC is every user’s pet peeve. And, oftentimes it’s not just about adjusting settings on your computer to enhance performance, but way more than that.

If you are considering tuning up your Windows 10 PC, consider not just optimizing a few settings here and there but also cleaning your PC inside out. That means you should also have junk files, redundant startup items and even impending malware on your target.

How can you do that? That’s what this blog is all about.

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How To Thoroughly Optimize and Tune Up Your Windows 10 PC

1. Restart Your PC Every Once In A While

Restart PC

Restarting a PC is such a simple activity but we often abandon this habit and stick to just shutting down the PC, once we are done with our work. Here’s why you should restart a PC and how you can tune up Windows 10’s performance by restarting it. In the same post, we have also covered ways you can restart your Windows 10 PC.

2. Activate Storage Sense

Temporary files or files that keep sitting in your computer’s recycle bin for no apparent reason can hog your storage space. But, delving into such files to free up storage can be a cumbersome task. So, how about an option or feature rather that smartly helps you remove redundant files like the temporary files or redundant items in the recycle bin? With the help of the Storage Sense feature, you can just do that, and here’s how –

  1. In the Windows search bar type Storage Sense
  2. From the right-hand side under Turn on Storage Sense choose open
  3. You can either toggle the on/off button to On or click on Configure Storage Sense or run it now
  4. You can see from the screenshot below the options you can configure. For example, you can choose when to delete files in recycle bin or downloads (in case you opened them for a long time)


3. Uninstall Software That You Don’t Need Anymore

There are software on your Windows 10 PC which you don’t need. These also include the ones which come inbuilt in your computer. Not only does this software take up storage space but also slows down your PC. It is advisable to get rid of such software as soon as possible. For this, you can –

  1. Type Control Panel in the Windows search bar
  2. Select Programs and Features
  3. Select the software you want to uninstall
  4. Click on Uninstall option from the top

Uninstall Software

4. Get Rid of Malware

Despite trying every trick in the hat to tune up your Windows PC and despite getting rid of every last redundant file, is your PC still sluggish? Maybe a malicious actor has injected malware on your PC. In any case, letting a virus become a resident on your PC can gravely impact your PC performance. It is therefore recommended to have solid antivirus protection on your PC that can identify and remove viruses, malware, and other threats before they cause any irreparable damage to your PC.

5. Manage Startup Items

When there are too many startup programs bombarding your PC when your system boots up, you will see a dip in your PC’s performance because these do consume resources. So what do you do? Simple – if you don’t need one, disable it. Task Manager is a simple way to get rid of startup items –

  1. Press Shift + Ctrl + Esc which will fire up Task Manager
  2. Head to the Startup tab
    Task Manager
  3. Have a look at all the processes that are running and simultaneously also see what impact does a program have in the Startup impact section
  4. If you don’t need a process and if it’s having a high impact, select it and then click on Disable

6. Use A Third Party Cleanup Utility

How about spring cleaning your Windows 10 PC. Believe it or not, once you have gotten rid of all the junk, freed your PC of malicious threats, and have managed aspects like Startup items, you’ll be able to fulfill your mission of tuning up your Windows 10 PC for peak performance. However, this certainly looks like an ideal situation. How can you manually look at all these tasks – i.e. clean malware, optimize settings, remove junk, and stuff like that. How about we arm you with a powerful cleanup tool that can help you fulfill all these tasks. Advanced PC Cleanup is the tool we are talking about.

Advanced PC Cleanup –  Features

  • Get rid of system junk
  • Remove unnecessary apps that are running for no reason
  • Safely eliminate invalid registry items
  • Manage startup items
  • Protect computer from malware
  • Remove identity traces

How To Use Advanced PC Cleanup

Download Advanced PC Cleanup

  1. Download and install Advanced PC Cleanup
  2. To begin with, you can click on Start Scan Now from the right-hand side
    Cleam your PC
  3. Now all areas of your computer will be scanned for redundant files such as junk files, temporary files, files in the Recycle bin. Advanced PC Cleanup will also protect your PC from malware and look for identity traces as well
  4. Click on Clean Now

To get an in-depth insight on how each of the modules of Advanced PC Cleanup work, you can refer to this post.

Wrapping Up

If you want to kick your Windows 10 back to a great performing shape, do tune it up every once in a while. If you liked what you read, do give this blog a thumbs up and share things that you do to tune up Windows 10 PC in the comments section below.

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