TROJANS Classified on basis of their function

TROJANS Classified on basis of their function

Trojan is a malicious program which disguises itself as a legitimate program. They are programmed to perform different malicious functions on the victim’s system.

There are different types of trojans available online, which are classified according to the attack they perform.

While there are many Trojans, here we have tried to list as many as possible:

Backdoor Trojan

This type of trojan is used to get unauthorized access over victim’s computer. It changes the security so that other malware and hackers can get into victim’s computer. Once the system is infected with it, hackers can delete files, access all the sensitive information, or they can destroy victim’s computer.  These type of trojans are also used for group different systems and then use them for malicious purpose.


This type of trojan will access all the banking related data on victim’s system. This information will be sent directly to the person who is controlling the trojan.

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Trojan DDoS

This malware performs denial of service attack on victim’s system. This trojan will send multiple request from a group of computers to the target address, resulting in denial of service.

Trojan Downloader

It is a malware that needs Internet connection and once when connected, it downloads malware and other malicious programs on to the victim’s computer.

Trojan FakeAV

This special trojan will act as an Antivirus. They show fake detections and demand money to remove them.

Trojan Game Thief

This trojan will steal online game information and user’s account information.

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Trojan Ransomware

Ransomware as we know, will lock all your important files and to open it hackers demand money.

Trojan SMS

It is a trojan that sends and intercept SMS on your mobile device. Sending unsolicited messages may result in incurring of charges.

Trojan Spy

As the name suggests, this trojan will spy on the actions that users perform on their system. User’s action includes keyboard strokes, screenshots, list of running services and program and many more. Information collected will be sent to the criminal by different data transmission methods.

Trojan Mailfinder

This type of trojan will intercept emails and transfer the data to criminals.

There are many types of trojans that are created by hackers every day. Different trojans have different capabilities.

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Apart from different capabilities all trojans have same function i.e. to harm victims. Users have to be self-aware and have good security system on their system.

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