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How to Transfer Google Authenticator to New Phone
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How To Transfer Google Authenticator To New Phone

Google Authenticator is one of those security layers that help you have precautions while logging into your accounts. This two-factor authentication has become an additional step for some people however some people, it’s vice versa. But what happens when you switch phones but Google Authenticator doesn’t detect the code automatically?

Transfer Google Authenticator

Yeah!! You need to put in the codes manually that can bother people for whom time is more important than anything else. Thankfully, the Google Authenticator transfer to new phones is doable with a few limitations. Or else, the whole concept of 2FA will go in vain because you must receive the code nowhere but the device you are using.

Let’s understand the process of how to transfer Google Authenticator (codes) from an old phone to the new one:

How to Transfer Google Authenticator Codes to New Phone

The only prerequisites we require before going ahead with switching Google Authenticator to a new phone are Google Authenticator (iOS or Android) & Google’s 2FA page.

Now that we have the prerequisites, let’s start the process now:

1. Download the Google Authenticator on your new phone.

2. Open Google 2FA page on your system & log in to your Google account.

Transfer Google Authenticator works

3. Now, on the 2FA page, look for the Authenticator app section & tap on Change phone.

4. Now tap on the kind of phone you are using currently (iPhone / Android)

Transfer Google Authenticator to iphone

5. Now, on the Set up Authenticator screen, complete the process with barcode.

6. Follow the process by opening the Google Authenticator app on your new phone, tap on Setup & scan the Barcode.

7. Following the scan, you’d need to put in the one-time code to verify if it’s working fine. If it dne, you are all set with transferring the Google Authenticator codes on the new phone.

Now that you have set up Google Authenticator on the new device, it’s time to set the same up for the other service platforms (Dropbox, Slack, Reddit etc.) We would need to eventually migrate Google Authenticator on every one of those platforms but know that it’s a bit time-consuming process.

Transfer Google Authenticator to New Phone For Other Platforms Also

Like we successfully transferred Google Authenticator codes to new phones, doing the same for different platforms is also pretty straightforward. There will be a few tweaks according to varied platforms; the overall gist to transfer the Authentication codes wouldn’t be different. All you need to do is, just follow the below instructions:

1. Find the 2FA Settings of the website/app you’d want to change for (you can find that in either the account section or the password or security section of the website).

2. Once you find the same, disable the 2FA Settings on the website & it will ask you to enter the password to go ahead with logging in.

3. After this, you need to re-enable the 2FA process on the same website with scanning the barcode with Authenticator (using the same process we used for transferring Google Authenticator codes to new phones).

Importance of Enabling Two-Factor Authentication on Your Device

We all know how privacy & security (different platforms) is being breached almost every single day & we only know about the incidents that get published. At this time, enabling two-factor authentication on your device is like having another security guard so that no one can get in without your permission.

Two-Factor Authentication

Although there is no security wall that hackers can’t break, however, it’s always advisable to use the security walls to keep you safe from becoming a victim of internet scams or data breach.

Wrapping Up

Using two-factor authentication makes every logging attempt a bit safer than the normal process on condition that you possess the device that’s receiving the 2FA code. However, sometimes you switch the cell phone & want to get the authorization code on your new device. That’s when we try to transfer the Google Authenticator on a new phone so that the security wall stays the same irrespective of whatever device you are using, as long as you carry the device with you all the time.

Start using the two factor authentication process by Google (if not using already) & keep yourself safer.

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