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Tips To Stay Cyber Secure This Holiday Season
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Tips To Stay Cyber Secure This Holiday Season

Well, gifts do come in surprise boxes, and so do malware and other computer viruses. There might be possibilities of you opening an email sent by your relative that contains gift card this season, but when you open it, you find a ransomware note written in it or some attachment that takes over your system.

However, don’t worry! To keep the holiday spirit going, we are here with some of the security recommendations that every individual should follow to have a happy and safe holiday season.

1. Keep Routers & Wi-Fi Secure

Almost every smart device that you use at home is connected to the Wi-Fi, a main gateway for the hackers to get in and access connected devices. So, it becomes more important to first safeguard your home routers and Wi-Fi. As Wi-Fi setup is a onetime process, many of the individuals don’t pay attention to it. But, to keep the devices and Wi-Fi network safe, it is recommended to change & keep strong password every month. Keeping the Wi-Fi configuration updated will definitely keep the prying eyes away for some time.

2. Use Password Manager For Strong Passwords

As we mentioned that you need to keep updating strong passwords for Wifi and routers, password manager could be of help. Yes, password manager tool will help you in choosing the strongest password for all the devices and Wi-Fi that are almost impossible to decode. Password manager generates strong password and remembers it at the time of login for you.

3. Protect Your Data

In today’s rapidly growing digital world, everything is available on our smart devices then be it movie tickets, online shopping or finding a nearby restaurant. To run smart devices like smartwatches and personal fitness devices, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, gaming consoles or smart speakers, you need to connect them to a Wi-Fi network for using them.

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These devices contain all your personal information and data that could be accessed by accessing your home network. So, to save other smart devices excluding smartphones and tablets, you need to secure the network. Either by using a VPN or the best protection tool which will look after all your devices and will make sure that all your data is safe and is inaccessible by any other individual.

4. Configure User Profile Periodically

There might be chances that the active hackers have already saved your configuration and is just tapping on your profile to access your system. For that, update and re-configure your social media accounts and other app accounts regularly. In case, if you are using smart speaker or anything that requires a voice recognition, should also be reconfigured, as earlier this year there was a report that many Alexa devices were hacked with the use of voice recognition.

5. System Protection Software

This is very important prevention that every individual should keep in mind. Any system protection software scans the system for any malicious content and then removes it automatically. Not only system, it protects network as well. It creates a firewall over the network, so that no unauthorized party or page gets access to the network. System protection tool will safeguard PC from all the computer infections and malware sitting at your doorstep instantly.

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So, this was all folks! To stay safe and secure this holiday season, follow the tips and prevention listed above. Try not to indulge in any malicious activity. And if you notice any mis happening on your system, then please take necessary actions and steps to cure the issue. Stay safe and happy holidays!

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