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Some Very Simple Yet Effective Tips For New Streamers
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Some Very Simple Yet Effective Tips For New Streamers

If you are good at something you are passionate about and want to take it to a like-minded community, there can’t be a better way than Live Stream. Through a variety of live streaming platforms, you can let the content in your niche thrive. You can chat, interact, collaborate and do a lot of stuff.

But, up until now if all this was in your head and we believe in your heart, you gotta start somewhere. So, who is this blog for? The blog consists of simple yet effective tips for new streamers out there who are on the verge of starting live streams of their favorite genre – games, sports, IRL, music, you can choose your passion.

As a beginner streamer, you can take these tips as something that’ll get you started or motivate you to get started and take your gaming to the world. And, why not? Whether it is your guitar or game that you play the whole day, why not earn some name, fame, and money along the way?

Where Can I LiveStream My Content?

There are several Livestream platforms where you can stream your content. These include but are not limited to Twitch, YouTube, Picarto, and many others. Want to know how you can stream mobile games on YouTube and Twitch, check out this post.

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Tips For Beginner Streamers

First thing’s first, be confident and put away all that fear that has stopped you from live streaming up until this very moment. The world out there is awesome, even with something as simple as a “hi” you can begin your journey and build some great friendships apart from a great audience and then a huge fan following.

– Pick Up Your Niche

At the end of the day, you are creating content based on which you will be interacting with your audience. So, you need to pick up something that you are passionate about if not the best at. It could be gaming, coding, cooking, sketching, music, there is just no end to what you can be passionate about.

– Your Essentials Should Be In Good Condition

Essentials condition

It’s not just your mic that you have to check, everything that accounts for your superb gaming should just be on point. Be it your computer (desktop or laptop), PlayStation, Xbox, your mic, your webcam (at least 720p), all tools of the trade should be just perfect. For instance, this is the kind of configuration you might be looking for in a gaming computer.

– Get Essential Software To Stream Or Record Games

If you are sure of your gaming skills and make minimum errors you can directly play games live in front of the community using broadcasting software the likes of Nvidia GeForce Experience or OBS Studio.

But, if you are a beginner gamer or wish to see how your audience is likely going to react to your gaming skills, how about showing them your best gameplays, ascertaining that your wins are more than your losses.

What you can do is record gameplay in high quality and then publish that. Windows gamer? Here are some awesome game recording software for Windows.

We’d recommend that you use a tool like TweakShot Screen Recorder. A decent, easy-to-use, and feature-rich game recording software, TweakShot Screen Recorder doesn’t just help you in recording video but even lets you take complete control over the sound quality as well. You can see a glimpse of what it’s capable of here.

TweakShot Screen Recorder offers –

✅Decent, simple to use interface


✅To capture screenshots of those spectacular moments which you can later post to social media and build your audience

✅Ability to select desired screen region – full, custom region, active window, and webcam

✅To record videos in HD and 4K with no lags

✅To choose the precise sounds you want – be it your system, microphone, clicks, speaker, etc


 Download TweakShot Screen Recorder now

– A More Than Decent Internet Condition

When talking of live streaming and going online for a long time, you wouldn’t want any disruptions in between, something that a bad internet reception can cause. You may want to invest in a service provider who offers both great speeds as well as reliability.

What to do, if you are a streamer in an area with average or not so good internet reception. Sometimes, you have to take things into your own hands and get them fixed.

– Mods and Chatbots Can Be Helpful At Times

Mod view
Source: twitch

It’s no use locking heads with spammers and haters and the likes who just love to throw in abuses and annoying messages. But, that doesn’t mean that you stay mum, you can instead take the help of mods and chatbots like Moobot and Nightbot. These can prevent the other genuine viewers from dangerous links as well.

– Perseverance and Consistency Is The Key

Last but not least, be consistent and persistent. You might not stream regularly but at least schedule live streams at regular intervals – days or hours when you would regularly Livestream. The next aspect is to stay strong. Naysayers and haters are bound to harass you but that shouldn’t stop you from doing your thing.

Wrapping Up:

Did these tips for streaming get you all hyped and prepped (or pre-prepped) to flaunt those headshots, strikes, takedowns, and other moves in front of a large like-minded community? If yes’s your answer, you are all set to stream.

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