Thanks to Hackers

Thanks to Hackers

Hackers have always received full attention from the public and the media. Although any computer programming expert can use his/her skill to resolve a problem, but this term is always perceived at in a negative way.
Hackers come from all age groups, and they are highly skilled computer experts.
There are three types of hackers:

  1. White Hat Hacker – This tribe looks after the loophole or any other bug in the software and tries to plug it to keep the system safe from notorious hackers. They try their best to improve their security.
  2. Grey Hat Hacker – They work just for getting some fun and if given a chance, they can also exploit the situation.
  3. Black Hat – These hackers come with malicious intentions, and they look for every opportunity to steal, exploit, and sell data. Their only aim is personal gain. They always use their skills to their advantage. They either sell the fix to the company itself and keep the exploit. They may sell it to other black hat hackers, who in turn, use the information to steal the information or gain royalties.

Amazing and useful things from hackers

Earlier, there were very few websites to hack, but some were just happy to make free telephone calls by hacking into the secure telecommunication networks.
Some were more interested in expanding their knowledge base of the available telephone technology and invented their own. You all must have heard of Apple man, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.
There was Captain Crunch, who designed software and went on to create the Silicon Valley culture.
There were some hackers who excelled as designers and programmers, but later on they started and created open-source software during computer programming events, called hackathons. Some software companies took the innovative solutions that hackers came up with.
Some of the hackers have turned it into a brilliant career for themselves. Hackers, in addition to becoming security specialists, even founded their own companies, for example, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, is a self-professed hacker. The creator of Linux, Linus Torvalds, was also a hacker.
Sir Tim BernersLee, the famous hacker, invented the World Wide Web. He is the Director of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), a Web standards organization. They all saw better ways of doing things.

Negative use:

However, there is a negative side of hacking. Some companies developed and released a substandard product – and later we realize that it was a hacker’s invention.
A company was careless enough to create a product in which a hacker finds a security gap.


These events have made most companies to be more cautious in the future.  That something is going to benefit the consumers in a big way.
I have looked at some reasons why we all can be thankful to the hackers.
The fact is: Hackers were there! Hackers are here!! Hackers will always be here!!!

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