Best Tools To Repair Corrupt Zipped Files

Best Tools To Repair Corrupt Zipped Files

The ZIP file format is widely used as a medium to store and share data. Like any other file format, even ZIP file format is vulnerable to corruption. If such a situation occurs, you may not be able to repair ZIP files with normal tools. So, here are some of the best and trustworthy tools which will help you repair any damaged ZIP files with maximum success rate.

Most of these tools come with a free trial version where you can test the tool, get comfortable with the functionality, and once satisfied, you can purchase the tool.

Circumstances That Can Corrupt ZIP File?

There are several instances where your ZIPped file can get corrupt. Let’s quickly have a look at some circumstances that can lead to errors like  Cannot open file: it does not appear to be a valid archive:

  • The download of a ZIP file interrupted
  • ZIP file became corrupt when moving from one location to another
  • The computer crashed or was infected by a virus or malware

Under such circumstances, the chances of restoring the file may look bleak. So, with the help of specialist tools you can for sure repair a ZIP file.

What Are Some Common Features of Tools That Repair ZIP File?

List of Contents

  • 1. Stellar Extractor for Windows Backup
  • 2. WinZIP
  • 3. DataNumen ZIP Repair
  • 4. Aryson ZIP Repair Tool
  • 5. DiskInternals
  • 6. GetData ZIP Repair Pro
  • 7. ZIP Repair
  • 8. Sysinfo ZIP Repair Tool
  • 9. BandiZIP
  • 10. Online Office Recovery

1. Stellar Extractor for Windows Backup

Stellar Extractor for Windows Backup

Let’s say you have lost a file or are unable to open a ZIP file immediately after a backup. In such a situation, you can take the help of this specialist recovery solution. It doesn’t only help deal with inaccessible ZIP files but several other kinds of files like VHDX, BKF, ZIP, and.FD files as well.


  • Recovery of files done using HP data protector, NTBakup, and Backup Exec by Symantec
  • All instances of data are recovered from damaged or corrupt ZIP files
  • Preview files in a tree-like format
  • Saved scanned information so that the already scanned information doesn’t interfere with the ongoing scan info
  • It comes with several saving options that help you select and save single or multiple files

Click Here to Download Stellar Extractor

2. WinZIP


If you can no longer access ZIP files, don’t lose hope because if you have WinZIP, you can repair corrupt ZIP files. In hardly six steps you will be able to recover a damaged ZIP file.

Steps to repair ZIP file using WinZIP

  1. In the Windows search bar, type command prompt, and from the right-hand side select Run as administrator
  2. Now you will be required to change directories to the folder where there are corrupted ZIP files
  3. Type “C:\Program Files\WinZIP\wzZIP” -yf ZIPfile.ZIP
  4. Press enter

3. DataNumen ZIP Repair

DataNumen ZIP Repair

First on the list of tools that can repair corrupt ZIP files is DataNumen ZIP Repair. It helps minimize the loss that has happened due to file corruption and recovers maximum data.


  • Supports all version of Windows
  • Capable of repairing ZIP files larger than 4 GB
  • Can fix all kinds of self-extracting files and subtypes of ZIP files
  • Drag and drop operation supported
  • Can repair a batch of files

Download Now

4. Aryson ZIP Repair Tool

Aryson ZIP Repair Tool

Aryson is one of the market leaders when it comes to repairing damaged ZIP files. It has a significant algorithm that helps repair ZIP files. More specifically, it repairs ZIP files by putting them in a safe zone, checks the originality of the data, and then calculated its CRC value.


  • Standard and advanced modes of repair to deal with varying complexities in corruption
  • Meticulous display of restored data in a tree-view structure
  • Batch repair facility
  • Smart search capability to find any misplaced files
  • Supports external media such as pen drives and external drivers as well

Download Now

5. DiskInternals


DiskInternals is a fully automated tool and has an easy-to-use and attractive interface. Plus, it is powered by a robust recovery engine which helps maintain maximum file integrity.


  • A robust recovery engine ensures fast scanning and high accuracy when it comes to recovering files
  • Supports files of all sizes
  • Recovered files can be saved on any disk or network
  • Built-in extraction feature helps extract and restore files that are partially damaged
  • It’s available for free. Despite that, it has a very efficient support team

Download Now

6. GetData ZIP Repair Pro

GetData ZIP Repair Pro

ZIPRepair Pro is one of the easiest ways to repair corrupt ZIP files. No matter why your ZIP file became corrupt, you will be able to repair it with the help of ZIP Repair Pro.


  • Very simple and intuitive user interface
  • Error-free backup of the original ZIP file is created
  • All file sizes are supported
  • Batch repair functionality to repair multiple damaged ZIP file

Download Now

7. ZIP Repair

ZIP Repair

Bad, corrupt or broken ZIP archives cannot be extracted using normal ways and methods. Here is a free tool that can help you extract items from broken or corrupt ZIP text, images, documents, and other kinds of files.


  • Intuitive and interactive GUI that can be understood by everyone
  • Repair ZIP files that became corrupt due to some or the other kind of hardware error
  • Seamless repair of large size corrupt ZIP files
  • This tool can deal with all kinds of WinZIP errors such as unknown compression method, Archive is damaged, etc

Download Now

8. Sysinfo ZIP Repair Tool

Sysinfo ZIP Repair Tool


  • Advanced algorithm to recover data from inaccessible, corrupt or compressed ZIP files
  • Can repair corrupt ZIP files arising out of most utilities
  • Capable of handling multiple damaged ZIP files
  • All ZIP file formats such as split ZIP files and spanned ZIP files supported
  • Easily restore repaired ZIP file at a desired location

Download Now

9. BandiZIP



Is a potent archiver that also analyzes and repairs corrupt ZIP files and recovers as many uncorrupted data as possible.


  • Supports image preview in archive
  • Conducts file integrity check test if an archive is damaged or not
  • Detects malware in an archive via accurate and safe antimalware scan
  • Drag and drop functionality supported

Download Now

10. Online Office Recovery

Online Office Recovery

Here, you don’t need to download software to repair ZIP files, instead you can attach and repair ZIP files online. It supports all ZIP versions like RAR, WinZIP, 7-ZIP, PKWARE ZIP, etc. All data that is recovered is saved as a hierarchical folder and file structure.


  • Archives up to 300 MB are supported
  • Easy to use
  • All ZIP compression modes are supported
  • Converts damaged parts of ZIP archives to zero-sized output

Visit Online Office Recovery

Wrapping Up

As mentioned before your Zipped file might get corrupt because of various reasons ranging from power failure, malware infections to interruptions that can appear out of the blue. In such a case a specialist utility to repair corrupted ZIP files can come in very handy. Do give these tools a try and let us know in the comments section which one worked the best for you. For more such content, keep reading Tweak Library. You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Flipboard, and YouTube.

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