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Smart Mac Care – An Advanced Mac Cleanup and Optimization Tool

Smart Mac Care – An Advanced Mac Cleanup and Optimization Tool

Keeping Mac clean and tidy manually is a tiresome and laborious task. Plus, knowing where all these junk, duplicate, obsolete files are stored is difficult.

Luckily, we have a workaround a mac cleaner and optimizer that will help keep your mac optimized and clean.

Smart Mac Care – a powerful and advanced mac cleaner software that will not only clean your mac but will also help speed up performance. This great cleanmymac alternative works as a security shield. This means it scans your system for malware, adware, spyware and other threats that are a risk to your system and data.

Using the privacy section, you can keep sensitive information safe from prying eyes. Not only this, using Advanced Tools you can thoroughly check your Mac for duplicate files, uninstall the unwanted applications, boost start up and do a lot more.

The best part about Smart Mac Care is the ease of use. One doesn’t need to be a pro to use this mac cleaner and optimizer. A novice can use it easily without any training. This is what makes it the best Mac cleaner.

Smart Mac Care offers both free and paid versions. Although free version of Smart Mac Care has some limitation you get a fair idea about the tool.

So, this was an overview of the best mac cleaner.

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Now, that we know what this mac cleaning and optimization tool are capable of let’s know about its tool and features in detail.

Highlights – Smart Mac Care

  • One-click scanning
  • Scans and removes all spyware, adware and malware threats
  • Identifies and removes junk files taking up unnecessary space
  • Protects sensitive information
  • Thorough and intensive cleaning to recover space occupied by unwanted and duplicate files

Why use Smart Care?

Smart Mac Care with its multi-faceted features and intuitive dashboard is not only easy to use but is user friendly too. Using this all in one system optimization tool you can scan, clean and optimize your mac quickly.

It’s one-click cleaning feature immediately scans and cleans selected parts of Mac. In addition to the thorough cleaning, Smart Mac Care offers security and maintenance features, making it easier to get rid of unwanted files.


One-click scanning
User-friendly interface
60-day money-back guarantee
Advanced cleaning options


Lack of customization
Sometimes shows advertisements for other products

Why is it considered the best mac cleaner?

The job of mac cleaner software is to save you from the tedious job of cleaning. And today, with several options available picking the right one is difficult. However, if a mac optimization tool fits into the following parameters then it can be considered as the best mac cleaner and a great alternative to clean my mac.

Parameters to identify best mac cleaner software:

  • Offers antimalware functionality
  • Quick and deep scan option for thorough cleaning of junk files, etc.
  • Optimizes Mac and boosts performance
  • Adblocker to stop unwanted ads from popping while browsing
  • Improves startup time by removing startup apps
  • Duplicate file cleaner

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Features – Smart Mac Care

Quick and Deep Scan – Smart Mac Care offers both quick and deep scan. As soon as the application launches it automatically runs a quick scan to search for adware, malware, junk files, privacy issues and similar problem that make your mac slow.

This helps remove all unwanted files, privacy traces, threats that may harm your mac. Thereby boosting mac speed and optimizing mac performance.

Web Protection – This tab is not more than an advertisement but the StopAll Ads extension, suggested by the app for download is amazing. Using this extension, you can block all ads that pop on your browser and hinder your browsing experience.

Web Protection

Advanced Tools – This is where you will find extensive mac optimization and cleaning tools. Using this tab, you can uninstall unwanted applications, delete duplicate files that take up a lot of space and do a lot more.

Malware, adware, spyware scanning – This security module of best clean my mac alternative i.e. Smart Mac Care offers quick and deep scan for thorough cleaning of Mac. For extensive cleaning deep scan is suggested. However, since it scans each folder and subfolder it should be performed when your mac is in an ideal state.

spyware scanning

The best part about this module is the regular database update.

All this makes Smart Mac Care one of the best mac optimization and cleaning utility.

Not only this, but it also includes a junk cleaner and memory optimizer sections.

Junk Cleaner – Scans and deletes junk files, caches, logs, trash all the unwanted files taking up unnecessary space on mac.

Memory Optimizer– Frees up RAM to boost mac’s performance and make your slow mac run faster.

Uninstaller– helps get rid of unwanted programs without leaving any trace that makes your mac running slow.

Duplicate File Finder and Remover – Unlike other mac cleaner utilities, Smart Mac Care scans and removes duplicate files taking up precious disk space.

All this and much more makes Smart Mac Care the best mac optimizer and cleaner.

What are the benefits of using this mac optimization tool?

To keep your mac running for years like the new one, it is important to keep it free from junk files and infections. Smart Mac Care is an all in one optimization app that helps in performing both these tasks and more in one click.

This advanced mac cleaner efficiently scans and removes the infection from your mac and boosts performance.

Benefits of using Smart Mac Care

  • No longer you need to clean Mac manually
  • You won’t face running out of disk space message frequently
  • You will get a clean and optimized mac

How Smart Mac Care Work?

To use Smart Mac Care you will first need to download and install the mac cleaner and optimizer.

Once installed you are ready to go.

Step 1: Upon installation of the app launch Smart Mac Care. On the home screen click on ‘Scan Now’ to start the scanning process.

Smart Mac Care

Once the scan is finished you will get a screen like the one above. Smart Mac Care will list all infections, junk files, privacy exposing traces and junk files stored on your mac. You can either click ‘Fix All Items’ to remove all detected threats or can move ahead to get more details about the detected threats.

Step 2: In the search icon tab, you will see all the threats. If you want you can click on Rescan Now or can click on each section to see detailed analysis.

click on Rescan Step 3: After fixing all the detected errors as you move ahead you will find yourself under the Web Protection tab. Here you will get to know if your browsers are protected or not, and if not, what you can do.

In the example below, both Google Chrome and Firefox aren’t protected, and an extension has been automatically advised for safety.

Google Chrome

As shown in the above screenshot both Google Chrome and Firefox aren’t protected, and an extension is suggested this is StopAll Ads. Using this extension, you can block unwanted ads and keep yourself protected from being tracked.

Step 4: This will introduce you to the most likes section of Smart Mac Care i.e. Advanced Tools.

section of Smart Mac

Here, in the left sidebar, you get to select different features like Uninstaller, Login Items, Duplicate Finder, Disk Usage, Failed Downloads, Flash Cache, System Details, and Memory Optimizer.

The uninstaller will help uninstall unwanted programs and free up space.

Login Items will help remove unwanted startup apps that slow down the login/startup of your Mac.

remove unwanted

Duplicate Finder this module will scan folders, subfolders for duplicate photos, videos, documents, thereby helping to recover valuable disk space and keep mac optimized and clean.

recover valuable disk space

Disk Usage lets you discover the largest and oldest file.

Disk Usage

Failed Downloads lists corrupt & incomplete downloads that occupy unnecessary space.

Failed Downloads

Flash Cache 

Failed Downloads 1

System here you will see redundant data from iTunes, iOS updates, backups, downloads, etc.

Failed Downloads 2

Memory Optimizer this is the final option using this you can free up RAM and boost mac performance. Unlike other cleanmymac alternatives, Smart Mac Care offers an option to free up RAM.

Memory Optimizer

Step 5: Once you have purchased Smart Mac Care you can enter the activation key in the last screen. 

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The new Smart Mac Care has the potential to optimize and clean mac. It offers many useful features to boost mac’s performance. By releasing continuous database updates, the malware and spyware section helps shield mac from threats. This amazing tool is worth trying. Once you use it there will be no going back.

We hope you’ll give it a try. Please do share your experience and let us know how you find the tool.


  1. mariya

    I am a Mac user and recently i just try Smart Mac Care for clean junk in Mac and also find some duplicate file which are taking to much storage in my Mac . It work super and provide me cool result and solution.

    1. Preeti Seth

      Hello Mariya, Your feedback really matters. Thank you for sharing it with us and our readers.

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