Sluggish PC!! Tips And Moves To Improvise

Sluggish PC

Tired of never ending time taken by your PC to perform!! Might be your PC needs a servicing.
Computers are electronic machines which over the time tend to perform slowly due to over usage and non-maintenance. Here are some easy to do measures to keep your PC up and running.

System Reboot:

Mere rebooting the PC tends to solve many problems at times which may occur when something does not work properly. Rebooting proves to be a much easier way to resolve such problems then manually looking for the resolution.

Startup/Background Applications:

Common reasons for a slow PC includes applications running at startup thereby using computer’s memory and increased CPU usage. Disabling such applications which are not in use on a regular basis tends to boost up the computer’s power resulting in a faster-performing PC.

Malware/Adware infections:

These are unwanted threats on your computer which runs in the background making your PC speed to slow down and proves to be rooms for many other threats. Keeping an up to date anti-malware utility is always suggested to keep your PC in a protective shell not prone to such infections.

Disk Space:

As soon as the disk space reaches its brim, the PC starts behaving like a tortoise. Freeing up disk space by deleting temporary files and other unwanted files and documents recovers the disk space thereby improving the speed.

Unwanted Applications:

Uninstalling least used applications or the ones never used can recover a good amount of disk space proving beneficial for the system speed.

Out of Date Drivers:

For a smooth running PC, it is always recommended to have up to date drivers installed on the PC. Out of date drivers can prove to be a negative point to a smooth performing PC.

Upgrading RAM:

Increasing RAM has always proved to be an effective way around for an improved PC performance. For old computers with insufficient RAM and relatively new and space occupying applications a RAM upgrade may be a life saver. Upgrading your disk drive to a SSD (Solid State Drive) makes it much more effective.
The above quoted simple measures result in a much faster-performing PC and can be used even by novice users.

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