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Get The Best Uses For Old Routers: Don’t Throw Them Away!
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Get The Best Uses For Old Routers: Don’t Throw Them Away!

Routers are physical/virtual devices that helps in connecting different networks such as Token Ring and Ethernet. However, with new standards the latest smart devices including routers have been knocking on the market gates.

Best Uses For Old Routers

Every one of us wants to move parallelly with new advancements & use all of our devices with upgraded versions. Similarly, in this blog, we shall talk about uses for old routers and what could be the best hacks that can help us in recycling our outdated tools.

Smart And Easy Old Router Uses

Everyone has their own way to recycle their smart devices, some can transform their old smartphone into a security camera. Likewise, we shall  be discussing ways to use old Wi-Fi router using the below-mentioning hacks!

Hack 1-  Money > Old Wi-Fi Router

Sell them! Yes, reselling old routers is what you can do. If you don’t wish to spend time by trying to set up your old Wi-Fi router, sell it right away.

Wi-Fi Router

There are various online classifieds and websites (eBay) that will help you in making at least a few bucks. Honestly, this is a smart way to use old routers.

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Hack 2- Smart Home Hub

The other cool old router hack can be transforming it into a smart home hub. This is a procedure in which hardware or software gets connected through a home automation network and manages communication between them.

Smart Home Hub

If you’ve always dreamt of having an advanced home solution within your reach in nominal  prices, try this method with your old router. Coming back on the point, we can create a personal smart home hub through an old Wi-Fi router. Check whether your router has an additional serial port to make Open WRT or DD-WRT firmware. If your router has these serial ports, you can repurpose it as a smart home hub easily. You can follow these instructions to proceed further. Hope this old router use will help!

Hack 3- Network Switch

Every router has less than 6 Ethernet ports. So, if you run out of these ports you can’t use an old router. Nope! There is no need to buy a new one.

Network Switch

Make sure your old wi-fi router is DD-WRT compatible and the last thing you need to create [ DIY] network switch is Ethernet cable. With the help of this network switch, you can connect more devices with Wi-Fi router through Ethernet. You can check out the tutorial from here. We hope this old router hack will help you!

Hack 4- Guest Wi-Fi

Are you fed up of sharing your Wi-Fi password again & again? Or it’s like you don’t want to share it because of low bandwidth issues?

Guest Wi-Fi

Well, by using an old router, you can give free Internet access to your friends and they can enjoy free browsing without any hassles. For more information you can visit this link. You can now use the old router as a guest Wi-Fi.  

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Hack 5- Old Router Into NAS Drive

Wouldn’t be comfortable if you could just  store your data on a single device and use it across your home? Whether it’s a comfy couch or ottoman, you want to utilize your data from anywhere at your home.

Old Router Into NAS Drive

That’s where you can use an old router as a NAS drive. You might not know but there is a hard drive attached to your old Wi-Fi router and boom! Access your media files anywhere!!! For more info check this video.

Which Is Your Favorite Old Router Hacks?

Here we go, folks! That’s how you can recycle old routers easily. If you have any other better way of old Wi-Fi router uses, share it with us in the comment section below.  I hope you like this article and will try these hacks to reuse the old router correctly. Share your cool ideas with us and we would love to update them on our list.

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