6 Quick Ways to Free up Hard Drive Space on Windows 10

6 Quick Ways to Free up Hard Drive Space on Windows 10

Most of us have a very limited space on our hard disks. Even if you have tons of space available, that too will be full in some time if you don’t keep a check on the files in your System. Low disk space can create various problems and can slow down your PC to near death. Low disk space problems can ruin the performance of any high-end PC. Hence, it is extremely necessary to keep the Hard Drive Space in check and clean the disk regularly.


Therefore, we have accumulated a list of 6 Quick Ways to Free Up Hard Drive Space on Windows. Without any further ado, let’s jump right into it:

Quick Ways to Clean Disk Space:

1. Uninstall Large Programs:

Programs installed on our system are the most important piece of data that we can have on our system. But we all have programs on our system which we seldom use. Also, there are some programs which though are useful, eat away a lot of disk space, more than they should. People looking to free up disk space should keep a keen eye on the installed programs and the space they use.

To analyze the space utilized by a program in Windows 10, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to System Settings through Start Menu.

System Setting Start Menu

Step2: Go to Apps

System Apps

Step 3: Look for the Apps that consume the most space and are they worth the space they use.

Apps and Features

Step4: Click on the program that you wish to uninstall and click uninstall.

Click on Uninstall Apps

This is how you can get rid of the most space hungry applications installed on your PC.

2. Clean Recycle-Bin

Very often we delete files from our system and then forget about them. But they still are there in our recycle-bin using a lot of space without us knowing anything about them. Cleaning Recycle bin can free up space instantly and provide a boost to our system performance. In the quest to quickly clean disk space, cleaning Recycle Bin is a legit solution.

Clean Recycle Bin

3. Clean Temporary Files

Temporary files are the files automatically created by the system to save an ongoing task to safeguard the progress if the system crashes suddenly. Though they serve an important purpose while work is in progress, they are totally a waste space when the progress has been saved. Temporary files acquire a very tiny space but are present in incredible quantity which sums up to a considerable space.

Cleaning temporary files is another important task that should be on our list while thinking of Clean Disk Space. To delete temporary files, follow the steps:

Step 1: Press Windows + R, it will open a Run Dialog Box.

Open Run Box

Step2: Type %temp% in the Run dialog box and Press enter. This will open a folder containing hundreds of temporary files.

Open %temp on Run

Step 3: Press Ctrl + A to select all the files at once.

Select Temp Files

Step4: Press Delete to remove all the files from your system and free up disk space.

Cleaning temporary files can instantly clean disk space and boost system performance.

4. Cleaning Junk Files

Junk Files are an absolute pain when it comes to freeing up disk space. No matter how much effort you make, they always seem to pile up mysteriously every time. Junk Files can quickly accumulate and eat up a lot of disk space. Thankfully Windows comes with a built-in tool to clean unimportant files and To free up disk space and clean junk files from your system, follow these steps:

Step 1: Right Click on the Drive you want to clean Junk Files from and Open Properties.

Step2:  Click on Disk Cleanup

Step 3: The next screen shows you the amount of disk space that can be cleaned using disk cleanup.

Disk cleanup is a great utility tool from Windows and can help you instant free up disk space up to several GBs.

5. Cleaning Duplicate Files

Duplicate files hold a lot of our disk space on our system and can affect the performance of our PC. Depending on the type of files we store on our PC, duplicate files can freeze a lot of our disk space. Removing duplicates can be a daunting task. Searching for duplicates can alone take hours, if not days. Though difficult, removing duplicates can free up space in a very considerable amount and give an instant boost to your system performance.

6. Using Disk SpeedUp:

I have to admit that I have never pushed myself to go to this much trouble to clean my disk space. I have never been so active, and alert and I know most people aren’t either. Hence, I always look for a simple solution which, in a few clicks, can get me the work done.

What if I told you that there is one tool that can do all the processing mentioned in five steps above in just a matter of a few clicks? Wouldn’t you be excited? I would be.

Disk SpeedUp by Systweak is one such tool. Disk SpeedUp is a one-stop solution to all the steps explained above. Users can simply install the software on their system and in just a few clicks, Disk SpeedUp can clean junk files, temporary files, Boost RAM, optimize system performance, defrag, etc.

To use Disk SpeedUp, Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Head to the Systweak website and Download Disk SpeedUp.

Click Here To Download Disk Speedup Tool

Click Here to Read Full Review on Disk Speed Up By Systweak

Step2: Open tool and Select the drive you want to scan, optimize, and free up disk space from.

Start Scan - Disk Speed Up

Step 3: Click on Start Scan Now.

Scanning Process - Disk Speed Up

Step4: Select the file types you want to clean once the software is done scanning for removable waste files.

Clean System - Disk Speed Up

Step 5: Click on Clean System to free up disk space and boost system performance.

To Delete Duplicate Files Using Disk Speed Up:

Step 1: Open Disk SpeedUp and Click on Duplicate Files tab

Duplicate Files - Disk Speed Up

Step2: Select all the Folders and/or Drive you want to scan for Duplicate files and click the Add to List button to add the file to the scan list.

Add to List - Disk Speed Up

Step 3: Once done selecting the folders and drives, Click on Scan Now button at the right-hand bottom of the screen.

Step4: Click on Remove Duplicates button on the right-hand bottom of the screen to delete duplicate files, all at once.

Remove Duplicate - Disk Speed up

Systweak Disk SpeedUp is a great Utility tool and can be used to quickly and easily free up disk space on your system.

Click Here To Download Disk Speedup Tool

So, these were the 6 Quick ways to Free up disk space on Windows 10. These quick methods can help free up disk space instantly and boost system performance. Do let’s know how you did like the post, we love hearing from you.

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