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The Quarantine App Houseparty is Safe to Use. Is it Really?
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The Quarantine App Houseparty is Safe to Use. Is it Really?

Everything is revolving around Novel Coronavirus these days. With each day it’s getting bigger & bigger. Due to this pandemic, people are advised to not come out of their houses and are maintaining social distancing. In this staying-home-&-don’t-come-out-situation, we are switching to online streaming and other apps to keep us engaged.

Quarantine App

Similarly, a new platform has come to the light for people (Houseparty) to enjoy games while sitting on their sofa without worrying about anything. SInce we are relying on these apps nowadays more than any other time, we must also be careful about the safety of our data.

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In order to learn about the safety use of the app, let’s first get to know what Houseparty App is all about:

What is The Houseparty App?

Under the Social category on the Google Play Store, ranked as the top most trending app, Houseparty is the app that lets you connect with your loved ones face-to-face. Houseparty app is the best option to hangout with your friends in person though you actually aren’t there. One of the catchiest features with Houseparty is that whenever any of your friends is online, you get a notification. At the same time, you can jump into the conversation and be a part of the group.

What is The Houseparty App

The same way, whenever you open the app, your friends will know that you are ready to hangout and the other moment, you guys are talking. Isn’t this amazing? 

Houseparty App is another addition to the already-too-many-of-the-social-media-platform-category that lets you connect with your group on video chat up to 8 people at once. 

Launched in 2014, the app has had more than a million users worldwide & all of them are quite satisfied with the features and what the app has to offer. Having more than 60% users from Generation Z, the app is quite popular and makes it one of the must have apps in your cell phone.


The popularity of the Houseparty App can be counted with the facts that celebrities like Hailey Baldwin & NBA star Chandler Parsons are active users of the app. Additionally, recently due to Pandemic COVID-19, Verge has stated Houseparty App as “the quarantine app you need to download immediately“.

Compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, & Chrome, Houseparty app can be downloaded from here.

What The CEO & Co-Founder of The Houseparty App Thinks?

Sima Sistani (the CEO & Co-Founder), shares the experience of building Houseparty App:

“We built Houseparty because we feel strongly that people are looking to get past the online popularity contest of social media. So much of it has become about showing off, the amazing thing you just ate, the amazing place you just traveled to or presenting a fully curated and ‘filtered’ version of one’s life. We realized that many people just want to find new and more authentic ways to connect with the people they love.”

Sistani also said that Ben Rubin (Co-founder) likes to call this invention “the Internet’s living room”, and I really love that as a metaphor. 

While talking about the experience after Houseparty App and next plan-of-action, Sistani stated, “We’re excited to keep learning and growing!” Sistani said. “We get fantastic input from our users every single day. They tweet at us or shake their phones to send feedback directly through the app. We’re continuing to work to optimize video quality as we scale to ensure the best possible user experience while also keeping an eye out for things that could help make Houseparty even better.”

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Is Using The Houseparty App Safe?

In this tech era, our every confidential information is on the database of the app we are using. With continuous data breaches, users have become more aware of where the info needs to be provided or not.

We all have experienced the major companies going through the data breach where millions of users’ data was online without them knowing about it. This had led users not to believe in any app or service that asks for permission.

For Houseparty app, the quite popular American business magazine Forbes, asked one of its researchers to look into the app thoroughly. Lukas Stefanko (Cybersecurity and Privacy Researcher) took his time to look into the app & assured the users that there isn’t anything to be concerned about.

Lukas stated – “I analyzed the app’s permissions usage and since the app provides video chats with your friends it is logical that requested permissions are necessary. I haven’t found any shady misusing of them by the app,” said Stefanko, a researcher with cybersecurity firm ESET. “The app doesn’t provide a lot of in-app options and settings, which creates less scenarios for exploiting security issues.”

“Lock The Room” Feature For Privacy

One of the tweaks that are a bit of concern should be known to the users before they install the app & start using it, “is Gaming”.

Since the Houseparty app is also used to play games among your friends, the gaming is quite open-for-all. Your friends & the friends of friends’ can join you to play games without any invitation or permission. 

Lock The Room

A few of us are quite okay with it considering the competition as the more the merrier. However, a lot of us believe in keeping their fun platforms to be private so this open-for-all-gaming can be a concern for them.

This is where the “Lock the room” feature comes in, that can help you keep the other people away from invading your fun.

In order to know more about the privacy features of the Houseparty app, access the Houseparty Privacy Policy here.

Wrapping Up

The Houseparty app lets you video chat with your friends face to face easier than ever. All you need to do is just open the app & you will find the users who are there to chat with you at that time. Additionally, you can play games on the Houseparty app without any hassle.

So don’t wait, download the app, & start using Houseparty to be with your friends virtually.

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