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Best PushBullet Alternatives in 2022
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Best PushBullet Alternatives in 2022

Do you want to conveniently and quickly transfer files from your Android phone to PC, set reminders, send SMS or messages from your desktop? Try PushBullet! PushBullet is one of the best tools for quick and convenient file transfers.

You can get a free version of PushBullet, but if you do not wish to go for a pro version, you might miss below-mentioned things:

  • Mirrored notifications
  • Actionable notifications
  • Link sharing and universal copy
  • Share files up to 25gb
  • 2GB storage space limit
  • 100\month restriction

If you wish to get PushBullet Pro, you can get on the price of $39.99\year or $4.99\month. Well, if you do not want to pay money and still want to enjoy PushBullet as a Pro, read this blog!

Through this blog, I have highlighted the best PushBullet Alternatives in 2022.

Best PushBullet Alternatives in 2022

1. AirDroid


AirDroid is one of the best PushBullet alternatives. With this application, we can install apps, share files, make and answer calls, check notification, Sync contacts and SMS and can easily check and reply to WhatsApp messages.

Moreover, AirDroid provides mirroring features for your Android device to the desktop which simply means your Android device screen from a bigger picture. But, AirDroid lacks some cool features like copy and paste feature for sharing links.

Additionally, AirDroid has a subscription plan of $19.99 per year and $1.99 per month. But, as a comparison with PushBullet, the prices are away too less.

Download Now

Available for: iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, AirDroid Web

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2. Crono


Comparatively, it is said that Crono is better than PushBullet and AirDroid. The best feature of Crono is the notification mirroring experience on the big screen. Like other apps, Crono also provides services and features like mirroring apps. Similar to PushBullet, you can see notifications on the desktop, reply to WhatsApp message and see Instagram notifications.

The app also shows call notifications and you can instantly reply through SMS. Crono provides end-to-end encryption the same as PushBullet. You get 2400 notification balances in the free plan which makes Crono the best alternative against PushBullet.

Download Now

Available for: Windows, Android, Web, macOS

3. Snapdrop


 Snapdrop is an easy and fast app to share files across various applications or platforms. Just download the app or register by simply creating a new account or just scan a QR code. Snapdrop is the only open-source web-based platform working across all platforms.

Wi-Fi access is the only need after downloading. If your phone and desktop are only connected through the same internet connection then you just have to surf and start sharing files. The best part about Snapdrop is the instant sharing mechanism.

Visit Snapdrop

Available for: iOS, Android, Windows, Chrome OS, Chrome, Linux, Firefox, Web, Safari, macOS.

4. My Phone-Windows Companion

Windows Companion

The app is developed by Microsoft which means “my phone is a Windows companion app.”

Microsoft is still working to make this app like other rivalry apps. As of now, through My Phone, you can reply to messages, check notification, transfer and view photos. The app only works with Android and Windows. So, if you have both, go check My Phone.

Download Now for Android

Download Now for Windows

Available for: Windows and Android

5. EasyJoin


EasyJoin is a newly launched app for Android and has quickly gained popularity. The app is mostly free and you can enjoy more of the important features available for the paid plan. EasyJoin is one of the best PushBullet alternatives.

The unique feature of EasyJoin is that you can keep the messages on snooze or mark as read etc. additionally; you can also initiate and integrate calls via a dedicated app for Windows.

Download Now

Available for: Windows, Web, Linux, Android, macOS

6. MightyText


MightyText is designed to sync text messages and you can also reply to text messages. Additionally, it also lets you mirror all the notification and provides the calling feature. Further, you can also uninstall an app from MightyText.

The best part of the MightyText is that it allows 500 free text messages per month which are 5 time double than PushBullet. The MightyText pro prices are $79.99 per year and $9.99 per month.

Download Now for Windows

Download Now for Android

Available for: Windows and Android

I hope you like this blog. Additionally, comment down and let know about your favorite PushBullet Alternatives. Do not forget to follow Tweak Library on all social media platforms.

Signing off!

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