Online Fax Services to Ease Your Business Needs On The Go

Online Fax Services to Ease Your Business Needs On The Go

Nowadays, not only the millennials but also the people of all age group are inclining towards the internet and adapting every new technology at a rapid pace. Amongst numerous technological advancements, faxing online is rolling out the internet catering personal and small business needs.

Earlier if a document was needed to be faxed somewhere, a person either had to get a physical fax machine or have to pay to send a fax to a person. This process was daunting and also involved waiting around to get a confirmation from the person if he has received a fax or not, to ensure it is handed over by the supplier to the right person.

Keeping this hassle aside, developers have come up with something quite intuitive wherein you can take a break from sending fax through physical machines and switch to online fax services.

You can either choose paid or free fax online services to get your job done. Faxing may seem last century but with online and cloud-based services, it has made a strong comeback and sending faxes is no more hassle.

How Can Sending Fax Online Be Helpful?

Whether you are buying a property or signing a deal, you might anytime need documents for any process of paper-work and documentation. Having a cloud-based fax service can help you get it instantly within minutes. You can use these sending fax online services on computers, smartphones or tablets, wherever you want.

This will reduce even eliminate the cost and time cutting factors and even it will ensure you are sending the documents to the right person and can within seconds get the confirmation. You need not have to go anywhere, you can just enter the fax number, upload documents and click on the send fax button. You’re all done!

Using efficient services online to send documents securely is imperative as it allows you to send important documents to colleagues and other organizations easily. So, to proceed with this simple process, you should be knowing of the best fax services online.

Send Fax Online With These Amazing Services

1. eFax


When it comes to choosing online fax services, eFax has been leading the show with its amazing features. This is a paid service to send a fax, but there is a lot to like about eFax. The user-interface is quite clean making it a useful cloud-based fax sending service. It lets you send faxes in just a 5-step process, wherein you will signup/login, enter the fax numbers (up to 50), add a cover page using eFax’s free templates, upload up to 10 attachments (PDFs to Photoshop files) and click on ‘Send Fax’ button to end the process. You can use either way to send fax online via Email, using eFax mobile app, or using eFax messenger. eFax is an efficient service as it features in sending faxes using a secure SSL-encrypted container. The only con this fax service has is that its bit pricey, otherwise, it is one of the best services one can hit a trial on.

Price: $16.95/month

Get it here

2. MyFax

My Fax

This is another fax service available online that you can rely on. With MyFax, you can send or receive faxes online using either your phone, tablet or laptop. The recipient will receive a fax whether they have a traditional fax machine or modern one. This fax service is beneficial for the businesses as it ensures them to never miss a fax, stay organized, go paperless and staying professional, saving you a lot of time. You need to enter the email addresses (up to 5), enter fax number(s), attach documents and upload a cover on MyFaxCentral online portal and here you go. Sending faxes online with MyFax is quick and easy, helping you get more business done from anywhere and anytime.

Price: $10/month

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3. HelloFax


HelloFax is an easy, reliable online fax service that can send or receive faxes from anywhere. Faxing can also be enjoyed and HelloFax can help you do so. You can send multiple numbers at once and also sign & edit faxes electronically. As soon as the receiver will receive a fax, you’ll get a confirmation email. HelloFax has an additional feature wherein it allows you to fax to 70+ countries. You can quickly login to your HelloFax account using your Google credentials and you need not required to have any new login id or password. Furthermore, it allows you to sync and manage faxes from Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive or Evernote.

Price: $9.99/month

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4. SFax


If you’re looking for a fax service wherein you need to secure your documents, Sfax is the best choice to make. Sfax offers to send and receive HIPPA-secure faxes from anywhere. The fax services can be used by anyone from small scale businesses to large enterprises to get peace of mind with a secure and compliant faxing solution. Sfax is used by healthcare and other regulated industries as it is not only better for your business, but it is also better for your document security. Being an easy to use online fax service, Sfax is capable of handling immediacy of delivery and universal accessibility. Additionally, you need not have to worry more as you can send, receive, digitally sign and manage faxes without printing even a single physical document.

Price: $29/month

Get it here

How To Test Which Online Fax Service Is Best For You?

Whenever you need an online Fax service, make sure you compare the available options on the basis of its features, pricing, interface etc. Moreover, it will be preferable if you choose taking a trial of services you think can be beneficial for your business needs. Hit a trial through sending and receiving faxes, observe how long an outbound fax takes to send and check how instantly the service delivers a confirmation that fax has been sent or received by the recipient.

Which fax service you think is best? Let us know in the comments section below.

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