Nissan Data Breach Affects 1.13 Million Customers

Nissan Data Breach Affects 1.13 Million Customers

With many new achievements and innovations, the year 2017 will also be remembered as year of security and data breaches. All renowned companies like Equifax, Verizon, OneLogin and many more were targeted by attackers. The attacks have been so frequent that as we move towards a new year, yet another data breach of Nissan Canada Finance has come to limelight.

On Thursday, Nissan Canada Finance warned it’s more than a million customers for a possible data breach of their information. However, the company is itself not sure how many customers have been affected, therefore as a security measure it has contacted all its 1.13 million customers.

What Exactly Happened?

In an official media newsroom, the company disclosed that on December 11 of this year an unauthorized access to personal information came to company’s notice. The personal information that has been leaked includes customers who have financed their vehicles from Nissan Canada Finance.

Regarding the type of information that has been breached, company stated that it can be the name of the customer, the address of the customer, the vehicle identification number, vehicle make and its model, monthly payment, loans along with the credit score of the customer. Also, the company is still unsure about the vehicles which are financed outside Canada. The company somehow gave a slight relief to the customer by stating that no payment card information has been affected by this breach.

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What the Company has to Say?

The company reported that they have already contacted Canadian privacy regulators, law enforcement and leading data security experts to resolve this matter at the earliest. Also, NCF (Nissan Canada Finance) apologized to all its customers by saying,”We sincerely apologize to the customers whose personal information may have been illegally accessed and for any frustration or inconvenience that this may cause,” Nissan Canada president Alain Ballu said. “We are focused on supporting our customers and ensuring the security of our systems.”

Moreover, NCF has offered free 12 months credit monitoring services through TransUnion to all its customers, no matter if their personal information is breached or not. All the customers who are willing to take advantage of this free credit monitoring service have to call at 1-877-224-4711 and get their unique code. To redeem the code, customer needs to visit the following link:

If anyone of you who is currently reading this article is a customer on NCF and has questions on your mind then you can contact them at 1-877-224-4711.

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