All You Need to Know About macOS Big Sur

All You Need to Know About macOS Big Sur

UI (User Interface) is something that can literally make you fall in love with the device, no matter who the manufacturer is. Some of us get curious about the new UI update & others just go along with the process. For example, the new UI update from Apple (macOS Big Sur) is something that any mac user would dig in excitedly.

macOS Big Sur

From being the most advanced desktop OS in the world to giving your device a whole new design, macOS Big Sur is everything we are talking about. Making the mac more powerful than ever with absolute stunning features, macOS Big Sur is launching this fall.

& though Big Sur is still in Beta phase, users have already started comparing it with macOS Catalina (successor to macOS Big Sur).

macOS Big Sur & macOS Catalina

It’s not a fight between two desktop OS of arguably the most advanced computer technology in the world. However, the comparison is quite natural to fix the previous loopholes or bring new to the user with extra power. It wouldn’t be fair to compare both the OS as we all are already doing that (intentionally or unintentionally). So let’s go through what macOS Big Sur is all about because Apple claims it as the biggest design update for macOS.

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If you have put something on display, people will dig it. That’s for sure. & right now, the world is all about how good you are at showing what you have for users. & in context with devices such as cell phone & personal computer, design is something that matters a lot.

Because in order to use any of the applications or OS, what you first look for is, how the feature looks. When it comes to design, Apple already considered macOS Big Sur update as the biggest update in years.

macOS Big Sur update

The first eye catcher was the Control Panel that’s been quite visible to the top right side of the screen. The concept behind putting the Control Panel here was, “from full-height sidebars to refreshed toolbars, a clean new app design makes sure your content is always front and center.”

The Control Panel is for you to instantly access the controls like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, music playing controls, & dark mode. Additionally, you can customize the menu bar to add controls & drag favorites.


The default browser on Apple devices, Safari is the best way to surf whether you are streaming, searching, or browsing. From customizing the background image according to your browsing session preferences to what should appear on the start page, you control everything on your browser.


A new dedicated category in the App Store makes it easy to discover extensions from your favorite developers. New support for the WebExtensions API and migration tools allows developers to bring extensions from other browsers to Safari. And unlike other browsers, Safari asks you which websites each extension can access — keeping your browsing habits even more private.

Moreover, if you are one of those users who love to use tabs rather than different windows, get ready to enjoy the ride. Just hover over any of the tabs to bring up an instant page preview.

macOS Big Sur option

Safari lets you know of any saved passwords that have been compromised in a data breach — and helps you upgrade them.

And from the Privacy point of view, the Intelligent Tracking Prevention is being used so that no bad behaving trackers can either profile or follow you while you are on the web. Additionally, in case you want to go deep, just click on the Privacy Report button in the Safari toolbar for an instant snapshot of every cross-site tracker Safari is actively blocking, on any website you’re visiting.

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Messaging Service

Claimed as the ultimate conversation starter, the updated Messages app gives you almost every tool you can ask for in a messaging service. From keeping the track of the groups to expressing yourself instantly, you couldn’t ask for more.

Messaging Service

One of the best features I loved is to Pin conversations. The same way while we are using browsers & pin the tabs we love or want to keep as it is. Same way, you can pin the conversations to keep them at the top of your list. Features including group photos to mention the receiver & additionally, you can explore trending images to add them to any messaging conversations.

macOS Messaging Service

Redesigned Maps

Maps is the only friend you have while you are not in the known location & are wandering around. & that’s where you need something to navigate that should be powerful enough to make you reach your destination precisely. This is where Maps on Mac kicks in to transform your experience to plan trips quite easily.

Redesigned Maps

From checking the stops for eating or shopping to plan the perfect road trip, Maps on Mac has been elevated with every new update. You can also check out the interior layouts of major airports and shopping centers before you even leave home.

Obviously, these aren’t the only things that have been elevated in macOS Big Sur, but the listed ones are those that cover most of the news. The additional feature updates include editing in Photos app, AirPods auto device switching, and deeper web knowledge for Siri, Listen Now, & more.

What’s Your Take?

Check out the macOS Big Sur Beta release notes here & tell us what you think about this one of the biggest design updates Mac has ever seen.

We all are already using macOS Catalina on our Macs & are deadly excited to use Big Sur as soon as the update kicks in. However, sometimes, do you think it’s worth the wait or to update? Because being excited about the new update makes we lose confidence in the current version we are using.

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