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How Keep your Mac safe with Systweak Antimalware
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How Keep your Mac safe with Systweak Antimalware

In the recent years, we have often seen malware attacks making the headlines. Whenever any cyber-attack or security breach happens, the culprit is always found to malware. In the past few months these attacks have shook the entire world by targeting giants such as Yahoo, Uber along with tons of novice computer users.

Although most malware were initially built to target Windows systems, but with time and it’s popularity, Macs too have become susceptible. Now if someone is says that their system is safe from malware since it’s a Mac then they certainly need to read more.

Proton X and Fruitfly malware are some common examples of malware,  especially designed to target Mac. So, what could be done to prevent your Mac from these malware, especially when we are just layman users? Yes, you can purchase an antimalware for your Mac, but from the various options available in the market it become more confusing to decide. Therefore, it is always better to go with the company which had its expertise in this field from past many years. Systweak, which is serving millions of customers from past 18 years provides a perfect solution for all types of malware with its product Systweak Antimalware.

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Why Choose Systweak Antimalware?

Systweak Antimalware protects your Mac from all type of malware and viruses while detecting and blocking malicious apps that might be hidden on your system. This software is simple to use and you do not need to be technical expert for the same. The software once installed, scans for all malicious programs and instantly quarantine them if they pose a threat to your Mac. This simple to use software is power packed with all the advanced features to ensure that your Mac always remains protected against online threats.

Key Features

Let’s now discuss, the various features of Systweak Antimalware and how it protects Mac from various malware and viruses.

Choose the scan as per your need: You can make a selection between three types of scans, i.e. Deep, Quick and Custom Scan. If you wish to scan the complete Mac then you can go for Deep ccan. This scan type scans all the folders and directories for any malicious or infected content that may be on the Mac. Since it scans your entire Mac, it may take more time as compared to two other scan types. If you do not wish to run a complete scan and just need to scan some specific folders then you can choose either Quick scan or Custom scan, to save time.

Better User Control: The software quarantine all the infected files and malicious apps found in the scan to prevent the further damage. However later you can check the quarantine folder and decide whether to permanently remove those files or not.

Regular Database Update: As we all know that malware are generated on regular basis. Keeping this thing in mind this software provides you regular definition updates to ensure that no malware or virus goes undetected.

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Easy to install and Use: This software is specifically made for the novice users. It can be easily installed like any other Mac app and doesn’t even require registration to use. Once installed you just need to start a scan and get rid of all the dangerous viruses and malware.

Memory and Startup Scan: It means an all-round protection for your Mac. With Memory Scan, the software scans the memory for any infected files that can make your Mac slow or crash.Startup Scan prevents any malicious apps from launching at startup thus making your Mac more safe and secure.

Automatic Schedule: One of the best feature of this software which let the user to schedule an automatic scan as per their requirement. What you all need is to pick a date and time and select scan type automatic scanning. Now as per scheduled date and time the software will automatically scan the system and keep it protected.

With all these advanced features Systweak Antimalware is the ultimate solution for malware and such cyber-threats. This easy to install and effective antimalware solution for Mac will surely grant you with complete peace of mind.

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