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Is There A Need For 8K TV?
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Is There A Need For 8K TV?

“We have to stop optimizing for programmers and start optimizing for users.” – Jeff Atwood

Every year at CES (Consumer Electronics Show), many companies come together to present their mind-blowing ideas with a blend of weird and out-of-the-book ones. Well, that’s what we need. But don’t you also think that sometimes, a few products are getting presented every single year with one or the other change in it. The change can be of anything, like smaller or bigger screen, addition or improvement, etc. Is it really necessary or just to be a part of CES companies do it?

CES 2020 Purpose

Apparently, considered as the biggest tech show of the world, CES welcomes new technology, weird & innovative ideas that bring revolutionary changes in the world of technology. However, now it seems the platform is being used more for improvements, rather than innovations. Companies try to overcome their  last product’s failure or low sale by making certain changes and showing it at CES.

I don’t think this serves the purpose of CES platform for consumers. Companies at CES 2019 boosted about 8K TVs, OLED screen and what not and now at CES 2020 same is the case. So what is the future of Television?

Need for A 8K TV

Let’s be open and throw this question in the air. “Do we need an 8K TV now? Aren’t we satisfied with the TVs we are using. To the most if we need innovation aren’t 4K TVs good?

Almost every year, one or the other TV manufacturing company presents their idea of either a bigger screen, better resolution or foldable screen TV. And I don’t think that’s what the end user is looking for. Its merely a showdown between companies to showcase who’s better and in due to this, what consumer actually wants now, gets ignored.

Is 8K an Innovation

Various 8K TV announcements have been made by different giants at CES 2020. Though they look amazingly catchy but only for a while, the moment you start looking at the specifications, price or the perks it has to offer, there’s nothing much.

What more those 8K screens don’t make much difference when compared with 4K or the ones we are using for a layman. All look alike the only one can make is they will need a huge data plan that will cost them a lot. Moreover, when companies have not yet come up with 4K shows then 8K is just a dream. This means even if you buy them you will have to wait to enjoy these screens.

Samsung QLED 8K

Let’s take the example of a Refrigerator. If I’m using a Refrigerator that is fulfilling all my requirements, to buy a new one it has to give me something new and of use. If that’s not the case I’ll stick to the one I have or will wait till the one I am using is of literally no use.

Same is with TVs. Till the time, I’m able to watch my favorite shows, Game Of Thrones, F.R.I.E.N.D.S., AVATAR, etc. on my current TV (which isn’t 8K), I truly won’t bother about the new ones in the market. The logic is as simple as that.

These electronic items are some of those household products that we don’t think of changing until they die or give a problem. They are our long-term investments. So why are companies coming up 4K or 8K? What is your opinion on it. Do leave us a comment.

Foldable Screens Are they of Use?

The exact same thing is with foldable screen phone where companies just trying to beat one another without thinking about the user. Huwaei Mate X foldable screen is a live example. Companies are trying to bring foldable screen phones but the question remains the same. Do we need foldable phones now?

Samsung Foldable

Latest announcement at CES 2020 made by Samsung where they introduced the world’s first artificial human called “Neon”. While promoting this initiative, the company said that these life-like humans are 100% visually real like all of us. However, Pranav Mistry (President and CEO of Samsung STAR Labs) said in an interview that it will take at least 3-4 years to come into the real world as it will go through the beta testing phase.

Neon = Artificial Human
Image source: Business Today

So if something is going to get in the market after 3-4 years and that’s also not sure, why think about it now?

As Albert Einstein said once – “I never think of the future – it comes soon enough.”

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Wrapping Up

The whole point of giving examples of 8K TVs, Refrigerator and Artificial Human is to understand what companies are bringing and what users actually want. Is there any relation between the demand and supply? Will 8K TVs be of any use for the hell-of-a-price they will be sold. Apart from maybe a bigger screen with slightly better resolution what else is there that 8K TVs has to offer?

I speak for myself, and, I think I’m quite satisfied with the 4K TV that gives me enough to explore in the existing configurations.

Did the genius Albert Einstein do the right prediction for the future? That is us today:

technology fear

What Do You Think?

Do you also think that announcements and launching of 8K TV and other things aren’t of much value for a consumers? Share your valuable opinions on the thought, is there a need for 8K TV, artificial humans, etc?


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