How iPhone 14 Emergency SOS Via Satellite Works

How iPhone 14 Emergency SOS Via Satellite Works

Enhancing safety features and optimizing what your iPhone can give in an emergency were two primary aspects of Apple’s Sep’22 launch event this year. Emergency SOS via Satellite and Car Crash Detection were two standout features Apple included in its iPhone 14 lineup.

Even though we hope you don’t need to use it, it can’t harm being familiar with it. When there isn’t any nearby Wi-Fi or cellular service, the iPhone 14 will offer satellite connectivity, enabling customers to contact emergency professionals. Apple and satellite connectivity provider Globalstar have partnered to allow iPhone 14 owners to alert emergency personnel with an SOS message quickly. This post illustrates how emergency SOS via satellite works in iPhone 14 series.

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What is Emergency SOS vis Satellite Feature in iPhone?

Emergency SOS vis Satellite Feature

Apple added a new safety measure called emergency SOS via satellite to the iPhone 14 lineup. It’s intended to enable you to contact emergency services in locations without reception. When you’re away from cellular/Wi-Fi connectivity, newly launched iPhone 14 models allow you to text emergency services using this feature.

This is exclusively a messaging service for emergencies; you aren’t allowed to make calls or do anything else. All messages will be forwarded to the proper emergency agencies.

Availability of Apple Emergency SOS via Satellite Feature

In November 2022, you will get this SOS emergency service with the next software update for iOS 16.

Also, this emergency SOS iPhone feature will initially only be accessible in the US and Canada.

How Does iPhone 14 Emergency SOS via Satellite work?

You can find the LEO (Low Earth Orbiting) satellite using special components that Apple has incorporated into the hardware, software, and essential components of the iPhone 14. This makes it possible for antennas integrated into the iPhone 14 to establish a direct connection with a satellite. The function operates in a manner that is comparable to the present Emergency SOS. Users must hold down the side button with one of the volume keys on the iPhone 14 until the option is visible to enable Emergency Text via Satellite.

Emergency call via SOS vis Satellite Feature

Your iPhone will then direct you to a link to an LEO satellite at that point. Until a solid connection is made, it will show instructions such as “Turn left” or “Turn right.” Once connected, Users will send brief texts rather than phone calls. This is due to the restricted satellite connectivity, which prevents data, audio, or plain text usage.

SOS vis Satellite Feature

There are four processes in how Apple emergency SOS via satellite works:

First, your iPhone connects with an LEO satellite. > The ground station receives the relay from the satellite. > Following that, the ground station makes communication with Relay center. > Then this relay Center will transfer information to the emergency Services.

how Emergency SOS vis Satellite Feature work

The upgraded wireless chip that supports satellite connections is one of the technologically sophisticated features of the iPhone 14 series. Apple developed a compressed technology to make text messages 3 times smaller for faster connection due to the severely constrained bandwidth with the satellite.

Satellite communication is best when there is no cloud cover, and the horizon is visible. When you fit those perfect circumstances, it won’t take long for your text message to go to the emergency services—roughly 15 seconds.

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Note: The iPhone 14 lineup Emergency SOS via satellite function will be complimentary for two years, beginning on the day the device is activated. When these two years are up, no details have yet been released regarding the cost of the new SOS emergency service.

To Wrap This Up

The new iPhone comes with a host of amazing features. It’s faster, has an advanced camera, and has an improved battery. However, one feature that stands out as particularly useful: Emergency SOS via Satellite, even though we have explained how it operates, we genuinely hope you never have to use it. What’s your thought on this new feature let’s know in the comments below.

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