IoT: A Bliss Or Misery?

IoT: A Bliss Or Misery?

If we talk about future technology then the first thing which strikes our mind is Internet of Things. We all are hearing a lot about IoT these days. Some people refer it as next gen technology while other refer it as technology at its peak. But, what exactly IoT is? In general terms IoT is the concept of connecting any device with an on and off switch to the Internet (and/or to each other). It is a vast field to delve in but in this article, we have taken a general view to understand what Internet of Things is and how it is going to impact us?

Basically, IoT is the ability of the network devices to recognize and collect the data from around us. That data can be used to share across the internet for processing and utilizing for various purposes. Broadly speaking, it is a giant network of connected things which includes the relationship between people-people, people-things, and things-things.
The new rule of IoT is– anything that can be connected, will be connected. Below we have listed some practical and realistic possibilities of IoT:

  • Self-parking automobiles
  • Automatic order of home supplies.
  • Automatic tracking of personal activities
  • Automatic warning of physical danger on phone or wearable device.

All kinds of ordinary household gadgets like Wi-Fi network adapters, motion sensors, camera, microphone and other instrumentation can be modified to work in this system. This automation system can also work in a home using an electric light bulb, door locks, and wireless blood pressure monitor. Wearable computing devices like watches and glasses are also important components in future IoT systems.

Just imagine of the situation, if your living room light turned itself off as soon as you were in bed. It turns itself on as soon as you get up in the middle of the night.

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The problem with IoT:

Apart from all the brighter sides of IoT, it has some darker sides as well. Cyber-attacks are on the rise as more connected devices are coming up around the globe. Hackers can penetrate connected cars, critical infrastructure, and even homes. Each household generates millions of discrete data points every day, for example, unencrypted data from a smart meter device can be intercepted to determine which television show, someone is watching at that moment. Apart from this since this technology is in the infant stage, therefore, attack on IoT devices is comparatively easier. Also, if all of our information is stored on the internet, then there is no guarantee that it will not be hacked by hackers.  IoT will also result in over dependency on technology which in turn will make the generation lethargic. Apart from this since IoT is a network of many devices, therefore, its structure is also quite complicated. Failure in any one of the device may lead to non-functionality of other devices as well.

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Even if these technological advances resolve all these challenges and people rely on these changes, there may be some technical problems that may give problems to the people. However since IoT is just in its primary phase, therefore it is too early to make any prediction.

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