Top 7 Instagram Password Cracker Tools

Want to Access your Instagram account for which you’ve forgotten the password?

Instagram password cracker tools

Yes, it seems to be a genuine reason to hack your Instagram account. Did you try recalling or guessing the password and failed miserably?

If the answer to all these questions is affirmative, then we are here to help you. Here in this article, we will discuss a number of Instagram password cracker tools that will help break into someone’s Instagram account.

Before we move any further an important note– We do not promote or support any sort of password cracking techniques. Some of our users requested us to write about Instagram password cracking tools so here we are with this article. Furthermore, use these tools after making sure that you are not breaking any law or tampering with someone’s privacy.

Now, that we have made our point clear let’s know more about these password cracker tools that will help access Instagram account.

Some of the password cracker apps that we will discuss are simple enough to use. This means a novice can easily use them while a few require some technical know-how.

Read below to know which one suits you and will help in your search for an Instagram password finder.

Top Instagram Password Cracker Tools

These shortlisted apps have similar features but each one works differently. This means they are suitable for different users as per their requirements. Therefore, read the complete description to decide which Instagram password finder will you use.

1. Spyzie – Instagram password cracking tool

Spyzie - Instagram tracking and password cracking app

This Instagram password cracker tool is fast-growing, as it helps hack not only Instagram but other social accounts too. Using it you can read Instagram messages, check distributed photos and monitor Instagram activities. Moreover, using Spyzie’s keylogger feature you can keep a track of all keystrokes without jailbreaking or rooting your smartphone. This is a reliable and one of the best password cracking apps that will help know someone’s Instagram password. To use Spyzie – Instagram password finder you will have to create an account and then install the application on the device you would want to use it. Remember Spyzie is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

2. mSpy – Instagram password cracking tool

mSpy_password cracking tool

Another popular password cracker tool that will help disclose the Instagram password. Using it you can keep a log of mobile activities like call history, keystrokes, GPS location, emails, Chat apps, etc. Not only this you can even see any media stored on the target phone. This means every time a video is recorded, or a photo is taken it will be uploaded on your mSpy account. Most important of all this Instagram password cracking tool monitors all direct message, track chat, follow links, etc. It uses a two-step process before you can begin tracking someone’s Instagram. Furthermore, mSpy even allows monitoring and reading WhatsApp chat, review shared media files and it can even browse through text chats on iMessage, etc.

3. IG Hack – web-based Instagram password finder

ig-hack.Instagram password cracking tool

IG hack is a versatile and fast Instagram Account Hacker Tool that offers a free password hacking account. Using it you can recover your own Instagram password or can just get the password for someone else’s Instagram account. To use IG Hack, you do not need to download anything as it is a web-based tool. This password cracker can hack into anyone’s Instagram account in just 5 minutes. Once the tool is used you can access personal texts, media files, call logs, etc. The only drawback of using IG Hack is you will need to complete a survey and submit it before using this cracker app.

4. Instagram Hacker – Intelligent password cracker

IG Hack – web-based Instagram password finder

Best app for those who want to keep a check on their kid’s activities. Using Instagram hacker in just 2 minutes you can crack Instagram account and get its password. This tool doesn’t keep any logs. This means your identity and other data are never shared and you stay fully anonymous. This Instagram Password cracker tool is trusted by tens of thousands of people and it offers unique features that make it easy and secure app to crack Instagram passwords.

5. Instagram Account Hacker – a web-based hacking tool

Instagram-Hacker_Password Cracker

To use this password cracking tool, you do not need to install anything. By simply visiting the site you can hack anyone’s Instagram account without their knowledge. This tool can be used by anyone, but you should use it only when you have lost your Instagram password, someone has hacked your account and changed the password, you want to play a prank. In simpler words use it only when you have a genuine reason behind do not use it with any bad intentions.

6. Instagram Decryptor – Recover Instagram password

This password cracker tool is helpful when you have forgotten your password or want to recover it. To use this Instagram decryptor app simply install it on your computer and let it decrypt the saved password. You can even export data into a TXT file or HTML document.

7. Pass Decryptor – Instagram password finder


This Instagram password cracking app is paid and to use it you need to create an account, complete a two-step process. Once it is done only then you will be able to use Pass Decryptor to get any details from the target device. This app is fast, it does not interrupt while you work and can hack other social media and other apps.

With these above top 7 Instagram Password Cracker Tools, you can crack anyone’s Instagram account. But remember these Instagram password finders are to be used for genuine purposes. If you are thinking of using them to hack into someone’s account do it albeit with caution.

However, if you want to use them to keep track of the phone usage, kids’ activity there’s no reason why you should not use them. However, stay cautious and otherwise, you can land yourself into trouble.

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