How To Watch Your Favorite YouTube Videos Offline

Which application you prefer to watch your favorite videos, which application you use to upload your videos, which is the application which has the largest database of video songs. Different questions but one common answer, YouTube. Google has given us many useful tools like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Hangout, Google Duo, Google Translator, Google Maps and much more. Among all these, YouTube is one of the most loved products of Google as it provides non-stop entertainment. The only thing you need is an active internet connection. Does it mean that if you do not have an active internet connection then you cannot watch your favorite videos? No, now you can watch your favorite videos in offline mode. Let’s discuss in detail that how the thing which sounds so interesting can become possible.

Transformation of YouTube from desktop to mobile phones:

Before we further proceed let’s discuss in short that how the web-based YouTube transform into a smartphone application. As already stated by intellectual minds that our complete life is now shrinking to that 5-inch device known as Smartphone. Keeping this in mind Google launched the application, YouTube for all smartphone users. You now do not need to switch on your PC to watch videos. You can now just launch the YouTube app and surf your favorite videos on your smartphones. Either you have to watch the trailer of any upcoming movie or you need to watch some geek conversation, just watch them on your smartphones.

How to Play Videos without Internet Connection

Now coming back to the question, that if you do not have an internet connection then how can you watch videos on Youtube app? Generally, all the application whichever you use to watch videos only works when you are connected to Wi-Fi network or have an active data connection, then how this thing is possible in case of YouTube. It became possible because of an innovative new feature which is added to YouTube app, i.e. Save Video Offline. This all new feature helps the users to watch their favorite shows and videos even when there is low or even no internet connectivity.

How does this Offline Feature work

In select parts of the world, certain videos on the YouTube mobile app are available for playback in offline mode. What you need to do is that whenever you are over a Wi-Fi network or have an active data connection just save them for offline viewing. To do so please follow the steps below.

  1. Launch YouTube application on your mobile and sign in to your account.Click > Save option
  2. Now play any of your favorite videos. If the video is available for offline playing, then you will find an option of Save.Choose the video quality
  3. Click on the Save button, and select the quality from the provided options. If you wish to save the video in high quality go for HD-720p option.Saving video message
  4. Once you select the option of quality, you find a message stating Saving video….Progress in notification area.
  5. You can also check the progress of your video in the notification area.
    Save option check marked
  6. Once the video is saved you can see a check mark on Save option, which is the indication that your video is now saved for watching offline.Offline Videos Saved

Now you can watch these saved videos any time in the Offline videos section of YouTube app.
So guys, now continue enjoying the seamless world of videos, with or without an internet connection.

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