How To Setup ‘Share to Classroom’ on Google Chrome For Teachers?

Every classroom requires a strong bond between the teachers and the students. The environment should be happy, interactive, knowledgeable and positive. Once the classroom has these qualities, the results will be fruitful.
Information or notes sharing between teachers and students are sometimes unfinished. Or some students grasp the information a bit slower than other, but the teacher moves on.. So, to come out such situations, Google has an extension for the Chrome web browser i.e. ‘Share to Classroom’. Share to Classroom helps teachers to teach the class equally at same time and similarly if any student has some queries, then he/she can raise it on same panel without disturbing others.

How to install Share to Classroom:

  • To install the Google Share to Classroom extension, firstly sign into the Chrome using our google account and visit the link below:

  • Click on Add to Chrome.

  • Allow the installation by clicking on Add extension.

  • After successful installation, an icon will be created on top right corner along with a confirmation message. Now restart Google Chrome.

How teachers can set up a classroom:

  • To configure a classroom, click on the ‘Share to Classroom’ icon from the top right corner of the Chrome window and click on Create or Join Class.

  • Now click on the plus sign shown in above picture and select Create class.

  • Check the notice and click on Continue.

  • Enter the class name, section and subject in the respective fields and click on Create. This will create the class.

  • Now we can check the student list, create assignments, create questions etc.


Benefits of using this extension:

  • It allows us to push any webpage to the students which are instantly accessible to all.
  • It saves time and helps with overall student’s satisfaction.
  • We can get our students on the same page every time.
  • We can post announcements, create assignments instantly.

Teaching practices will improve as you move forward. Using ‘Share to Classroom’ will help the teachers to manage a classroom in a proper way and quality education can be delivered to all students.

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