How to Reset iPhone or iPad Passcode in Easy Ways and Steps

How to Reset iPhone or iPad Passcode in Easy Ways and Steps

Do you also forget your iPhone’s Passcode regularly… I know how frustrating this scenario gets when you forget your iPhone or iPad Passcode. Although, iPhone comes with Touch ID and Face ID prevalence every time you restart your iPhone or iPad you have to enter the Passcode. With the technology, we are all using Face ID and Touch ID and it happens that we forget our Passcode. So, here are the easy ways to reset the iPhone’s Passcode. Let’s get started.

Try to recall your Password

Trying to recall your password is the first and obvious step to take when you forget your iPhone or iPad Passcode. Recalling your password will literally save you from all of the hassles to reset iPhone Passcode. Do you know you can also set your own number length of your Passcode through the Settings app? A passcode should not be always 6-digit or 4-digit, you can set your own length.

Reset passcode in iphone

While recalling your password, remember that trying your password for more than 6 times will disable your iPhone or iPad temporarily.

How to unlock disabled iPhone

If you have forgotten your Passcode, you can factory reset your iPad or iPhone. Make sure that you always make a backup of your phone’s data, because after reset your current data will be gone. In case you have backed up your data, you can easily get the current data after resetting as well.

Unlock Phone using iTunes

Follow the below-mentioned steps to unlock iPhone using iTunes:

  1. Connect your phone with the device you synced with previously.
  2. Go to iTunes. If iTunes does not ask for a Passcode you can proceed. If iTunes asks for a Passcode, this method won’t work for you; you can switch to another way to reset iPhone Passcode.
  3. If iTunes does not ask for a Passcode, wait for some time and iTunes will sync your phone and will create a new backup.
  4. After syncing completion, click or tap on Restore iPhone and wait till the restoration process finishes. Restoration will reinstall the data and iOS from scratch.
  5. After the completion, tap on your iPhone or iPad on Restore from iTunes backup.

How to reset iPhone Passcode using Recovery Mode

Remember, using recovery mode on iPhone will remove all your data permanently.

Steps to use Recovery Mode

  1. Connect your iPhone with the computer. Open iTunes on your computer.
  2. Press hardware key combination for entering the recovery mode (based on the model of iPhone). Below-mentioned is the combination of iPhone hard keys:
  • For iPhone 8, iPhone X and above: Quickly release and press Volume Up key. After this, press and quickly release the Volume Down key. After this, press and hold the Side button till the recovery mode opens up on the screen.
  • For iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus: hold and press the Side and Volume Down at the same time. Hold the keys until you see the recovery-mode
  • For iPhone 6s, iPad and earlier: hold and press the Home and Topside button at the same time. Hold the button until you see the recovery-mode

Reset passcode in ipad

Once the recovery mode screen appears, you can now update your iPhone or iPad. Click or tap on Restore.

How to change passcode

After the restoration process, you can set a new Passcode for your iPhone or iPad.

Short Tips for iPhone and iPad users

In this case, you have successfully reset iPhone Passcode, but in the worst-case scenario, you might lose the data permanently. Therefore, please note the below-mentioned short tips:

  • Keep your iOS up-to-date: Apple keeps on launching new updates, therefore, keep iPhone software updated from time to time to not lose the data permanently.
  • Always keep easily recognizable Passcode: in order to not lose the data, create a Passcode which is strong and easily memorable. Like, you can use your birth dates to keep the strong and memorable Passcode.
  • Always back up the data on time: in order to not lose the data, keep creating back for your iPhone and iPad.

I hope this article helped you to reset your iPhone Passcode. Comment down and let us know if you face any issues during the process. Follow Tweak Library on all social media platforms for tech-related updates.

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