How To Use Remix Reel Feature On Instagram

How To Use Remix Reel Feature On Instagram

Facebook-owned Instagram has quite recently rolled out a feature similar to the very popular duet feature on TikTok. With this feature, you can create a reel alongside another user‘s video and then, you will also be able to see the other person’s video side by side at the same time.

It is indeed a promising way to collaborate with other content creators on Instagram and even take creativity to a whole new level. Through, this blog let’s delve a little deeper and see what this duet Instagram feature is all about.

Are There Any Prerequisites For Making Instagram Remix Reels?

The feature can be applied only to those reels that were created after this feature was rolled out. So, in case you tap on an older reel i.e. a reel that was created before the Remix Reels feature was released, you will not find the Remix This Reel feature.

Where Can Instagram Duet Reels Feature Be Used?

Creators can use the remix feature on Instagram reels to do various things such as –

  • You can create reaction videos
  • You can creatively interact with other user’s reel where you can, for example, complete the other half of dialogue or song delivered by a previous user
  • Make before and after videos featuring yourself

There is no end to what all can be done using the Remix Instagram Reels feature.

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How To Make Remix Instagram Reels?

Now that you a fair idea of the basics, here’s how you can use the duet Instagram reels feature –

1. Tap on the reels icon at the bottom

Tap on Reels icon

2. Tap on the three vertical dots at the bottom right corner of the screen

3. If the feature is available, you should be able to see the Remix This Reel option

Remix the reel option

4. After you have tapped on the Remix This Reel option, you will now see the front or the back camera view alongside the video.

Back Camera View Alongside

5. Here, you can also choose from amongst the following options –

  • Select the part from the original reel you want for your video
  • Select a variety of effects
  • Choose the duration of your clip

But, does that mean that the Remix This Reel feature cannot be enabled on older Instagram reels?

Maybe you have an older reel that you think you can use to create a remix. But, as we said older reels will not have this feature already enabled. So, is there any way to apply the duet Instagram reels feature on older reels?

Sure, this feature can be applied to an older reel that was created before this feature was rolled out. But, for that, the creator himself or herself will have to enable the feature on their reel. So, if you are a creator and wish to enable the feature, here are the steps to do the same –

1. Head to your account

2. Select the reel you wish to apply the remix reels feature to

3. Tap on the three dots at the bottom right

4. Tap on Enable Remixing. You can later click on the Disable Remixing, in case you don’t want the reel to be remixed by some other user.

Enable Disable Remixing

Wrapping Up

Now that you can duet Instagram reels, no more will you have to post your old TikTok duets or recycle them. Give this feature a try and let us know how creative you have been, how your creativity has taken your collab to a whole new level. If you liked the blog, do give it a big thumbs up and for more such updates, keep reading Tweak Library. You can also connect with us on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Flipboard. And, if you are more into videos, you can like, share and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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