How to Put Ebooks on Amazon kindle

How to Put Ebooks on Amazon kindle

When your end goal is to read or learn something new, neither the platforms matter nor the type if it’s a physical book or an Ebook. Since we have inclined towards technology more & more, people have started using Ebooks more and libraries less. However, in case you are trying to create your virtual library, give the below methods a go once.


There are many platforms that let you read books online including FREE as well, but the one who started it & gave wings is Amazon Kindle. Amazon Kindle works like a charm and has been helping out millions online readers from a long time ago. Apart from only reading books you can also add or put books on your Kindle.

Check out The Ways to Put Ebooks on Amazon Kindle

The way reading Ebooks on Amazon Kindle is simple, same way uploading or putting Ebooks on Amazon Kindle is. There are many ways including Wi-Fi, an email, or a transfer by Kindle’s USB cable so let’s check out the methods to out Ebooks on Kindle:

1. From Amazon Via WiFi

The only prerequisite the process needs is that your Kindle is connected to the WiFi.

  1. Visit on the system’s web browser & log in (if you aren’t already).
  2. From the FastMenu (above on the page), click on Account & Lists. From the drop-down list, choose Your Content and Devices (Manage Your Content And Devices).
  3. Once you click on Your Content And Devices; you will see a list of content appearing in front of you on the screen.
  4. Choose the book (scroll down) you want to put on Amazon Kindle by selecting the checkbox & tap on Deliver.
  5. The next step would be tapping on the Devices Selected (drop-down) that will pop-up automatically.
  6. Click on it; select your Amazon Kindle device from the list; & tap on Deliver (yellow button). That’s it.
  7. The Ebook has successfully been uploaded on the Amazon Kindle (make sure the Kindle is connected to the Wi-Fi throughout the process).

2. Put Books on Amazon Kindle Via Email

Again, the prerequisite would be that your Kindle is connected to the Wi-Fi without any trouble.

1. You need to follow the steps a & b the same as from 1st method.

2. Following this, you will see Preferences FastMenu once you click on Your Content And Devices.

3. On the Preferences tab, look for Personal Document Settings (scroll down or just Ctrl + F).

Put Books on Amazon Kindle Via Email

4. Tap on Personal Document Settings & click on Add a new approved e-mail address. (a window will pop-     up  & it may already have an email address. Just remember what it is & Skip to the next step).

5. If not, type in the email address you use for your Kindle & tap on Click Address.

6. Once you have added the email address, open a new window and login to any of the preferred email you use often.

7. Once logged in, Compose a new email, add the e-book as an attachment, and send it to the Amazon Kindle email address.

8. Make sure that the attachment format is PDF, AZW, or MOBI. If this isn’t the case, convert the attachment before forwarding on Kindle e-mail address. Simple as that. (Make sure the Kindle is connected to the Wi-Fi the whole time).

3. Put Ebook in Amazon Kindle Via USB

This process is as simple as we normally transfer any of the media on our cell phones with the help of USB cable.

The initial work you will need to do has been explained in below steps:

  1. Follow the steps till Your Content And Devices; tap on … on the left of selected book & choose the option Download & transfer via USB.
  2. Once you click on the option, choose your Kindle from the drop-down list & Okay.
  3. Check the downloaded file’s format if it’s any of the supported one (PDF, AZW, or MOBI). If not, visit; & convert the file in the required format.
  4. Now connect your Kindle to the computer and transfer the downloaded file (Ebook) on your Kindle device (Ctrl + C or Command + C followed by Ctrl + V or Command + V).
  5. Eject the Kindle USB cable from the system & you are all set with Ebook on your Amazon Kindle.

Wrapping Up

Above are the different ways that can help you with putting an Ebook on Amazon Kindle in the simplest manner possible.

Go through every one of them and choose the one you think is working best for you.

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