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How to Powerwash (Reset) a Chromebook
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How to Powerwash (Reset) a Chromebook

There is no doubt Google Chromebooks are famous amongst people, thanks to its varied simple built and easy access. Chromebooks are light on pocket as compared to the other ultra books and laptops. Chromebooks are relatively easy to use and are less complex than the other devices such as a Mac Book or a Windows PC. But that doesn’t mean Chromebooks work seamlessly and you will never encounter problems with them.

We would say if not frequently, but occasionally your Chromebook can work unexpectedly and the only solution you are left with is to reset a Chromebook. Power-wash a Chromebook is a more common term used while performing a factory reset on Chromebook. Though resolving any unexpected error is one reason behind resetting a Chromebook, it is also advised to factory reset a Chromebook when you’re giving it to someone else.

One thing to be noted is all the data stored on your Chromebook is erased when you powerwash a Chromebook and it returns to its original state.

Things To Consider Before You decide To Factory Reset Your Chromebook:

The most important point to remember is that when you factory reset a Chromebook all the information related to the local settings, local files will be permanently erased and are unrecoverable.

Hence a backup of all the local files which are saved on the Downloads folder becomes mandatory before you powerwash a Google Chromebook. The backup should be taken on the drive or to an external hard drive which can be restored afterwards.

It is also advisable to save the details of all the accounts like Google accounts, so that they can easily be restored after you have performed a factory reset on Chromebook.

What Does Powerwash A Chromebook Mean?

Factory reset a Chromebook means restoring it to its original state as it was new. Be it an abrupt error or giving it to someone else, it is always  advisable to perform a powerwash, Also, you should never add your account after a factory reset.

How To Factory Reset A Google Chromebook

Not that we know the need to perform a factory reset on a Google Chromebook, lets see how to perform it. A factory reset on Google Chromebook can be done using two methods namely,

Powerwash using Google Chrome

Powerwash Using the Login Screen.

How To Powerwash A Google Chromebook Using Google Chrome

  • On your Google Chromebook, launch the Chrome browser.
  • From the top-right corner of the screen, click on the three vertical dots.

factory reset chromebook

  • From the drop-down menu that appears click on Settings.
  • On the Settings window, scroll to the extreme bottom of the window and click on the option named Advanced.

Powerwash Chromebook

  • As soon as you click on the Advanced option more options will appear, Look for the option named Reset Settings.
  • Under Reset Settings, click on Powerwash.


  • As soon as you click on Powerwash, a dialog box will appear and will ask you to Restart your device. Click on the option named Restart to restart your Google Chromebook.

powerwash of your Chromebook

Once the powerwash of your Chromebook is finished, all you need to do is enter your login credentials and you will have a brand new Chromebook.

Factory Reset A Chromebook Using Login Screen

Another way to factory reset a Chromebook is through the login screen, lets see how we can do this:

Resetting a Chromebook other than the Chrome settings is doing it with the login screen, to do so:

●     When on the login screen of your Chromebook press Shift + Ctrl + Alt + R together. Make sure you do it before you enter your login credentials.

  • As soon as you have pressed all the 4 buttons, a new window will show up and will be named Reset this Chrome device. Select the Restart option. This will restart your Chromebook and you will again be at the login screen
  • From the new window that appears on the login screen select Powerwash option.
  • It is always advisable to select Update firmware for added security while you Powerwash a Chromebook. The update Firmware option when selected ensures that your Chromebook is highly secured.
  • Lastly, click on Continue to factory reset a Chromebook.
  • After the powerwash is complete you will be redirected to the login screen, from where you need to login with the details of your Google Account and then follow the onscreen instructions.
  • After all the instructions have been followed properly, you will have a newly restored Google Chromebook.

So guys this was it, you can decide to factory reset a Google Chromebook when you are giving it to somebody so that they do not have access to your data. A Powerwash can also be performed when there are abrupt malfunctions in the Chromebook. In both the cases it is always advised to keep your data safe on a Drive which can be restored later.

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