How To Mute A Conversation In Gmail

Do you guys feel that you are bothered by the emails just because your e-mail id appears on the CC? Do you wish to keep these emails away from your inbox? Are these emails making your inbox clumsy and untidy? If you are nodding your head, then it means that you are surely missing some basic features of Gmail. Never mind, in this article we are going to discuss how to resolve this problem, by simply muting some of your e-mails. Many times people’s feel that archiving and muting are similar. However, let me make you clear that muting is a different approach than archiving it. How? please be patience we will discuss this later in this article.

What is muting?

In general terms, muting is keeping things quite. Similarly, if you feel that you are constantly disturbed by a conversation, just because your name is in CC field, then simply mute that mail. Believe me, now you are never going to be bothered by that conversation. It does not mean that that mail is lost or it has been put into the trash. It means that whenever you wish to view that email you can find it in All Mails folder. Also, you have all the options to unmute that mail or to put it back in your inbox.
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How to mute an email:

As discussed earlier that you do not need to have any additional software or program to mute an email. It can be simply achieved by using Gmail inbuilt feature. Let’s get started:
Check mark emails you wish to mute

  • Open your Gmail account and check mark the emails which you wish to mute.

Click on More tab > Mute

  • Now click on the More tab, in the drop-down list you will find the option of Mute. Click on that Mute option.

You will receive a message, The conversation has been muted. Now that conversation will never appear again in your inbox.

How to unmute an email:

Select email > Unmute
If you again wish to have the conversation in your inbox, then you can simply unmute that email. The process is again quite simple. You just need to open the All Mail folder, here you can find the emails with label “Muted”. Just click on the emails which you wish to unmute, and click on the More tab. Now from the drop down just click on Unmute. Now the email will be unmuted, and you again start receiving those emails in your inbox.
If you find searching a muted mail in All Mail folder tedious, then you can search the emails by typing is: muted on the search box. This will display all the muted conversation.
So, if you do not want to get distracted by an email thread from your friend but still wish to keep a record, then muting is the best available option. However, we strictly recommend you to keep visiting your muted threads on regular basis, so that you never miss an important conversation.

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