How To Make Google Chrome Faster

Do you guys facing a problem of sluggish chrome browser, even though you have an internet connection with an average speed of 60mbps? If your answer is yes, then it means that your browser needs your attention.
All of us needs a lightning fast browsing experience and for this, we are always ready to spend money on our internet connection. However high-speed internet connection always cannot be a solution, especially when your browser is filled with so much of plugin and extensions.
In this article, we’ll help you in finding a solution for the problem of sluggish and crawling chrome browser.

Disable Extensions:

Extensions are basically the small programs which enrich the functionality of Chrome. Undoubtedly these extensions are quite important as they add extra features to your browser. However, as you all know that excess of anything is bad, similarly if your browser is flooded with lots of extensions then it will do more harm than good. Therefore, it would be better to disable those extensions which are at present of no use. You will surely experience a noticeable change in the speed of your browser.

Regular cleaning of Cache, Cookies and Browsing History:

Whatever we search on our browser it is saved as a cache. Also, Chrome’s collects all the URL’s you have visited, cookies in the history. The original purpose of cache and cookie is to speed up the browsing as it enables faster access to websites. It is just because of cookies that whenever you revisit a website again it will show the personalized data based on your interests. However, sometimes the history database become so bulky that it decreases the performance of Chrome.

Use Chrome CleanUp Tool:

This tool is exclusively made by the Google to enhance the user’s browsing experience. This tool not only scans but also remove the software that is causing problems for chrome such as unusual crashes or ads, of which a normal user can’t get rid of.
All you need to do is to open and download the tool. Once downloaded just run this tool.

Scan with an updated Antimalware/Antispyware tool:

Just like anti-spyware programs do not remove viruses, similarly, anti-virus programs do not remove spyware. A good and updated anti-spyware block any invasion of a spyware to your browser as spyware makes your browser unstable and diminish its performance.
Also, spyware steals your confidential information without your knowledge or consent. It can steal your credit card details, your PC activities, your login ids and passwords and your internet history and send them to a remote location to be misused. So, it is better to clean your PC with a good antimalware/antispyware tool.
Apart from that, it is always recommended to update your browser whenever the update is available. As the new updates always contain the bugfixes and security updates.
Hope the above steps have helped you in resolving the problem of slow Chrome browser, and you are again enjoying great browsing experience.

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